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New Supergun

Started by Segasonicfan, November 22, 2006, 06:37:03 PM

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I figured I'd spice up this section of the forum a bit since only Lawrence seems to have posted anything.

I recently finished (actually I'm still adding things to it) the world's smallest PSU-combined Supergun.  I have yet to see a smaller one with a built in PSU, anyway.  Here's a pic:

I have a lot more info on my website but basically it's a tiny Supergun that delivers top quality.  I built my own RGB->S-video converter that's the size of a quarter so the output is extremely clean.  The best part about it is that it uses an LM1084 voltage reg to power PCBs, delivering a super-clean regulated power supply for perfect video and audio quality.  The voltage can also be adjusted via the pot on the back left hand side.  I've also added a switch for line level audio for PCB's that support it and my newest addition was dual autofire circuits to bring more joy to my Metal Slug games :)  I'm going to try adding a voltage readout LCD next so I can see exactly what level I am adjusting the voltage to and make sure my PCB's are always safe.  So basically it's going to require making the world's smallest voltmeter but I'm up to the challenge :)



That's nice, but where are the innards?  Project logs, not finished-product logs.  Get going with the details!  =D


It's all on my site but here's a pic of the innards:

I'll take better pics of the inside when I open it all up again next week for more modding.



That's pretty impressively tightly packed!


Wow! Sure beats the hell out of my Supergun!

I had never even thought to use a PSU like the one you have, now I have something to do with the extra Playstation/Saturn PSU's I have laying around.

Thanks for the inspiration!


glad to inspire you kripp ;)

You should know however that those PSUs might not be the best.  Depends on which PCBs you use of course, but the Saturn outputs 3A max I believe.  What I did was I found a nice 12v PSU from an old broken LCD monitor.  I gutted it and used the LM1084 to output a high current 5v from that.  Just go PSU hunting ;)



Where can I go to make a forum like this?


Guest, GamesX is a closed forum. Although we welcome posts and conversation from everyone without registration, the format and naming of the forums themselves are left up to Lawrence. He owns the content here, as well as the servers that provide the website.

If you're interested in starting up your own, there's a link to the Invision Board website at the bottom of every GamesX page. That's only one of many products that let individuals and small companies host forums on their own web servers. Hope that helps you out.



I'm still goin crazy on this SG....I just added a built in voltmeter readout for the adjustable +5v line:

I also added an LED test button.  Calibrating the circuit was a real pain so i made a schematic for those that may want to add this to a project:




Good work.  
If you can mod it... I'll find a way to screw it up!


looks great when closed, but....ever heard of circuit boards?