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IGS PGM Cart board?

Started by cdoty, November 19, 2006, 12:32:39 PM

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Could an IGS PGM cartridge board easily be converted to use socketed EPROMS?
I did check out the picture on the hardware page, but it only shows one board.
On that board, are the eproms socketed?

The board I'm most interested in using is Oriental Legends. I've done Frog Feast for the system, and a demo. I would like to test them on a real system. It appears to have 12 roms on it, unless the MAME roms are split.

Could you post pictures of the second PGM board?
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I no longer have the PCB to take pics of, sorry.

The board in the picture is the more complicated of the two IIRC.  It has many, many non-memory chips on it.  Sub-processors or protection, I dunno, and I've no idea if they're the same as on other PGM boards - I never bothered to check Dodonpachi2, and didn't own any others.

I suppose if you wanted to do some testing you could get yourself a modern Cave PCB, most of their post-DDP2 shmups used the PGM hardware in a single-PCB configuration.