RGB Decoder like CXA1585Q

Started by antron, October 21, 2006, 10:58:51 PM

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Does anyone know anyplace that sells low quantities of ICs like the CXA1585Q RGB Decoder?
I just want one or two.  Could I maybe go to a TV shop?


It doesn't look like something you'd find in a TV. Maybe it was designed for some kind of portable LCD TV thing...

If you just want to build a Y/C > RGB decoder then I'd suggest looking for something less unusual (unless there's a special feature of the sony chip you need). There are about a million different chips out there that will perform this fuction. Every TV contains one after all...


Is it possible to get one off with an iron and copper wick?  Or would I need a heat  gun or something else?

Or should I try to buy a different IC at a TV shop?