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Started by benzaldehyde, October 05, 2006, 04:13:20 AM

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i am poor and emulating right now. there are many fine games for this system, and then there are elf games.

argue with me!


Well, we all know that Akumajou Dracula is basically the system's killer app. Cho Ren Sha isn't far behind, and I hear Nectaris is ding dang good. Genocide 2 is also kind of fun.

   There's also Zugya, which is like Bosconian on steroids. Knight Arms is uh, not all that great but I like it nontheless (maybe it's the music).


Dracula isn't really awesome, it's like the SNES version without the mode7 and with more insane difficulty.  ChoRenSha is a great looking single-level shmup, a fantastic tech demo but not a great long-term game.  Nectaris is only slightly better than the PCE version, it's not remarkable in any way but its fantastic rarity.

Zugya is like many other fan-made games.  Decent enough, I guess, i f you're into that.  

The really good stuff is mostly all ports from other platforms.  CyberCore, Fire Shark, Twin Cobra, Ys 1, Last Battalion, Marchen Maze, etc.  The X68000 was the gamer's choice of the era, it had more and better ports and conversions than any other platform.  As far as original content goes, there ain't much of interest.


Now when my Sharp Expert PSU broke and damaged the mother board (please look here:

and my Christmas got cancelled I was just wondering if somebody could help me to find these images for the emulator: Chuka Taisen and ThunderForce II.

TF II is far superior to the Sega Megadrive/Genesis port. The SMD TH II is OK but the X68 version is just amazing. Especially the background layers are breathtaking.

There is discussion about the Chuka Taisen elsewhere too but what a nice little game it is :). I like the Akumajo Dracula game a lot too. It was the main reason I decided to get the Expert computer. As I am a Castlevania vet it is not that difficult for me.


Sharp X68000? I hadn't heard of this until reading this board. I read up on it. I want one now! I'm in the UK, I bet I'll never find one.

Today I was playing on my Megadrive while a sealed Wii was sitting in the corner. I must be mad, but then, I don't have to pay as much (if any) for the games, unlike the Virtual Console. NES games should be free dammit!



I love Geographic Seal (I think that's the right name), awesome game.