KVM, RGB, PS2, and VGA so many 3 letters need help

Started by tricks, December 25, 2003, 04:40:32 PM

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ok here is how it goes i have two monitors one is the apple Cinema display and the other is a sony sun 21 inch monitor from old dod (which i have the VGA and dvi adapters for and i have to say looks damn nice). but here is the question what would i need in order to use my playstation with either screen?

any suggestions on pre-made converters, a KVM switch .... ect ect



The easy way is an XRGB-2 or 2+ which upscans the existing RGB signal and does a beautiful job of it.  The PS2 can output VGA natively but likely only your Sony monitor will support the Sync on Green signal it uses, and sadly not many games on the PS2 support the high-res (progressive) VGA output.  The XRGB is the best choice for PS2 and earlier consoles IMO.