X68000 VGA cable and other info

Started by pckid, September 18, 2006, 07:34:55 PM

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Recently, I bought an X68000 ACE and it came without monitor. I want to play but I can't and I'm looking for a x68000 to VGA cable. Where can i find a scheme to build it?

Another question, I bought it with 2 expansion card, one is MIDI and the other I don't know what is. It's a SHARP CZ-6BBPI. What is it?

Thanks for all.


I don't think that's the right part number.  Have another look at it, or take a picture of it, please.

As for the cable, both pinouts are on GameSX:


Just connect the dots: Red to Red, Green to Green, etc.  You need:

RGB, H + V Sync, Ground.  Connect all the grounds you can find.

That's it!  You don't need audio 'cause the X68 has a stereo headphone jack on the front.


Thanks for your help! Later, I'll bulid it!!

When I''ll arrieve at home, I'll take a picture from the expansion card.

Thanks again for your help!


Sorry for delay.

I build a VGA cable and It works but I changed the PSU for a ATX, the original PSU didn't work.

THe picture for the expansion card:

The picture isn't good, I taken it by my cell phone.

Thanks for all


That's a math co-processor board, by the look of it.

Yup, a quick google search for that part number (CZ-6BP1) turns up 36 hits for it.


Thanks for all. The system works well but I bought with the system Street Fighter 2 Turbo and Strider and it don't work because the aren't compatible with my monitor (and VGA). Is there any solution to play this games?

Thanks for help!


Street Fighter 2 Turbo was never released for the X68000, I assume you mean Street Fighter 2' (Champion Edition in the West)

To activate 31kHz (VGA) mode in Strider:

While loading, start with the System Disk in drive 0.  Soon the game will stop and ask you to insert disk A into drive 0, and B into drive 1.  When you do it will finish loading.

Press a joystick button to bring up the main menu from the opening demo or intro.  Press down once and press a button to activate OPTIONS menu.  

Press DOWN four times, and RIGHT once, then DOWN twice more, and press the button.  Presto, VGA-happy.

I don't have StreetFighter handy to check, sorry.


Thanks, It works perfect. With Street Fighter 2' I used the manual and I can play now.

Street Fighter 2' 31 khz:

Put System disk to drive 0 and Disk 1 to drive 0. The game will load. You would wait to listen the opening, then push any pad or keyboard button, now, you are in the main menu.

Press down once and a button once, you are in the OPTION menu. Press down once and once RIGHT and the game will show in the monitor.