SCSI on x68000 doable?

Started by EdOscuro, September 05, 2006, 02:34:58 PM

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I had thought that since SASI was the predecessor of SCSI that I might be able to use a SCSI drive. I do have one, it's an old model that came with a Proliant 6500 (which I'm selling, in case anybody wants some obsolete crap) and if it's possible to make it work on an x68000 I'm all ears. Got another fellow who's interested in the answer, as well. :)


Some SCSI drives will work without modification, the SASI interface is nearly identical, and some very old (1st gen?) SCSI drives will function with it.

I was never able to make this work.

SCSI boards aren't prohibitively expensive and might be the easier way to go.


SCSI boards...well, I'll know more when I get the computers and can look at the expansion ports inside. Will need to look at my Ace HD and see what it can take as well...