Back online...

Started by NFG, December 21, 2003, 06:35:06 PM

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Not sure what happened to but they went offline for a day and a half and I went nearly insane without their love.  We're back now, and steps are being investigated towards more autonomy.


WHOA!! I thought you're gone, this is the only site where i gety my ideas of modification like the saturn import switch mod :D  good thing you're back!! :lol:  


neat.  now mod my CDX for me!



meh.  that last post was me.

I want to play megaCD games :\


I'm pretty confidant I could do it, but the eproms I have refuse to work in my programmer, so I've been unable to test the theory.  The CDX is a BITCH internally, very hard to open or close for internal mucking about.  =(


Are you confident enough that I should send my console to you?

I guess I'd feel safer if you'd already done it once though :\  Theories are scary!


To be honest there's only, what, 3 MGCD games worth playing?  As cool as the CDX is it helps to keep in mind the crippling limitation it was born with: It only plays Sega 16-bit games.  Any amount of work is too much work for such little reward.  ;)

That said I'm confidant I can make it play carts, but I'm only theorizing on CD playback.  Buy me a better eprom reader and I'll see what I can do.


eeprom reader eh? iv been thinking of getting a reader/writer, but after seeing this thread im wondering what i should look for, i want one which will actually work:P and are they easily available? i mean would any of my local electronics stores have them?