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Started by zork007, July 15, 2006, 04:05:08 AM

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hi guy's

 I was wondering if there was a mod to change the the region on the dreamcast ( u.s.a to japan).


Previous Sega consoles signalled hardware region coding with a set of jumpers. All Master Systems, Genesis/Megadrive units and Saturns were potentially usable in any region depending on those contacts. The Mega CD and the Dreamcast instead use a coded ROM full of code that determines the region, and so you can't easily change the region of the console without additional parts..

The hardware solution is a mod chip, usually with four wires that intercept the region call. This is generally easy to install, but it's become more scarce and more expensive as supply has dropped. A software solution is to buy or burn a boot disc, that boots up the console past the region check so you can play any region's game. Keep in mind that using a boot disc may not allow you to switch sync rate (for PAL games) and may not allow you to play multi-disc games gracefully (like Shenmue.)

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-KKC, who is still Tarzan.