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saturn lens

Started by ORTA, December 17, 2003, 12:51:37 PM

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can somebody help me because i think my saturn is malfunctioning it cant read the cd and it doesn't rotate, i dont know how to adjust it there is still a visible laser  when i turn it on with the lid open :(  


1. Punctuation is your friend.
2. Large fonts are bad.  Luckily it didn't work.  =P
3. Saturns are cheap.  Buy a new one and replace the dead one, it's easier and faster than trying to fix a dead one.  You can get one with a cracked or scratched case cheaper, and swap the parts to your unit for extra savings.


Sorry about the punctuations mr. lawrence sir, but you see, I can't just buy another saturn, saturn consoles are very rare here in the philippines that is why im trying to revive it. I've made the switch mod that I found in this site to my american saturn and I'm happy about the outcome, but i still love the jap console because without it, I can't use the MPEG card for watching vcd ( my MPEG is also jap made ) :(