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US Turbo Duo

Started by kripp, July 03, 2006, 12:30:07 PM

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I have wanted to pull this off for a while now, finally found some time to do it!

The Duo in US mode, wow!

The Duo playing Hit The Ice in US mode, nothing fancy.

Now, the Duo in Japanese mode!

Finally, the Duo playing Street Fighter 2 in Japanese mode!

When it comes to console modifications, I will not hack a new hole into any console. I just don't like it, period. This forces me to come up with some very unique solutions, this Duo project was no exception! This is the rule I play by when doing this sort of thing, this (console modifications) to me is more of an art form than it is a necessity.

This is the switch I had to build in order to jump between US and Japanese modes. I initially took one look at the CD-ROM drive lid locking mechanism and knew this is what had to be done. Very simple and cheap solution, a couple of pieces of wire, a bit of de-soldering braid, a dab or two of epoxy and that's it!

Note: If you look at the two console shot pictures, you will notice that when in US mode the lock switch is to the left (unlocked), and when in Japanese mode the lock switch is to the right (locked)

Now, what is that switch actually switching... one of them 3" long 8 pole switches that everyone else uses for this modification? Nope! The switch is connected to 4 (two pairs) of quad bilateral switches! I had no idea how these IC's worked at first, I spent a good deal of time reading and drawing schematics to get it right. I also went through two hardware/wiring revisions before I stuck with this, although I do plan to optimize this creation.

I know, what a mess of wires! But hey, it works and I'm happy with it. I would have taken a picture or two of the top side of the board, but with my luck I would have pulled off a connection and spent the last couple of hours doing repair work instead of posting this topic.

This is what console modding is all about kids, reading, learning and taking pride in what you have accomplished.

Hope you all enjoy this.



That's a very clever use of the lid lock switch!

Does the lid lock still lock the lid when it's in Japanese mode?


Yes, the lock switch still locks the door. The switch has full range of motion too, feels just right!

I have been testing this now for a couple of days, the switch is flawless. It was giving me troubles the first time around, you needed to find the sweetspot to get it working.



Nice work kripp. It does look messy, but as long as it functions. I never was a fan of the 8pole switches myself, so i plan on going the IC route myself. Should be easier to wedge inside my Turbo Express. For now i just did a bunch of jumper wires, since all my hucards are japanese anyhow.


Thanks for the positive comments, good to know my work is appreciated.

I was thinking I could pull this off on the Turbo Express as well, but I would try and go the surface mount IC route. I have yet to open up an Express unit and see how much room is really in there.