Sega saturn jumper mod PAL/NTSC systems

Started by ORTA, June 27, 2006, 09:43:02 AM

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If I have a PAL sega saturn system and wants to play japanese games, will the jumper mod do the trick or should I do a 50/60 Hz mod?


The jumpers set the region, the 50/60 mod sets the video speed and encoding.  What mod you perform depends on what you're trying to achieve.  

I've never had a PAL Saturn, and the only PAL game I have (Wipeout 2097) works fine on a Euro-region Saturn, no 50/60Hz mod performed.  YMMV.  


Oh!! :D

 It's not actually my own question I found it on other site thanks for your reply Lawrence anyway here's the original question from a member on segaxtreme

Hi everyone!

I just tried to mod my PAL Saturn into JAP, but After all the jumpers had been successfully changed into JAP, every Saturn Game gives me "no system Disk".
So I went back to the original PAL jumpers, but still I have the "No system disk" error.

The CD playes works perfectly!



I'd say he's butchered the mod somehow and the Saturn is no longer in a usable region at all.  He can try soldering directly to the pins of the peripheral controller, but if he's so clumsy he can't solder to the rather large and friendly pads he's going to have trouble with the pins as well.