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15khz monitor

Started by bmxfelon420, May 04, 2006, 05:19:32 AM

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I was wondering, does anyone know of a vga monitor that can take 15khz?  I was thinking it might be easier to buy one of those old nec syncmasters or a sony trinitron with rgb inputs, but those look like they use strange cables.  Is there an RGB cable that i can just buy, or do i have to make it?  If i make it, where do i get those (possibly wierd) connectors?


Try to find an Amiga 1942 multisync. It will sync at 15khz (for NTSC, and PAL modes).


Check out this link, please. Best Electronics in Canada has an adapter that allows you to connect an Atari ST to a compatible VGA monitor, and they've thoughtfully produced a list of VGA monitors with low sync rates:

-KKC, who should really work harder to find one of those monitors...