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Started by courtesi, March 21, 2006, 01:16:06 PM

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Just curious how Australia is treating you.  I would love to leave the United States but it is not cheap to do so...


It's a game wasteland, but I have a fast car and I can speak my language and be understood.  Internet is dog slow and bloody expensive.  

So, I guess it's nice enough overall.


well as long as you live in big city there's always cable connection - i use the cable for internet/telephone and hopefully cable TV as well...  and there's ADSL+2 though very slowly rolling out atm...

yea you can get Nissan's GT-R and drive here...
when hot'd up it can eat granddad's Porsche... :P

just prepared to adjust as most of us speak UK oriented English...
so many words spoken are different and spelled slightly differently...