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12 V Fan on a SNES

Started by NJAY, March 12, 2006, 11:29:53 PM

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Hi !

I want to solder a 12 V PC-FAN (a small one) to a SNES Board for a special casemod. But I ve got no idea where i should take the power from.

Any one who knows the points for soldering ?  




You might have guessed by the SNES' 9V power supply that it doesn't have 12V available.  

Try and find a 5V fan.


Or use the 9v on the 12v fan and it will just spin a little slower. I'm sure you already know this, but a fan on an snes is absolutely useless. I'd like to see pics of whatever you're doing once your done.

Hey... wait a second, I thought SNES was 12v! NES is 9v...
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


:blink:  Youre right. I really thought it was 12 V. But after looking at the powersupply of my SNES i remembered like a punch in my face. Its 9 V, but its OK of course a Fan is useless but it looks good. so it doesnt matter if it runs slower.

THX for your help. I ll upload some pictures once i am done. But its my first consolemod so i dont know if its worth your time. normally i mod PCs and mobile phones.


I like seeing any console mod, I don't see enough.
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


QuoteHey... wait a second, I thought SNES was 12v! NES is 9v...
The NES and the SNES uses the same power supply -- they're identical.

I think they have the same model number as well, actually. At least the PAL systems.

Anyway, why would you want to put a fan on your SNES? Do you like noise? I can't see any other reason to put a fan on it.


NES has 9v AC and a different connector then the snes
edit- sorry I didnt notice you said pal, seems with this question that comes up all the time I make the same mistake every time!
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN


EU and JPN region power supplies differ greatly from their US counterparts, as I've learned. The American SNES and NES units have very bizarre power requirements based partly on safety considerations, or so I'm told.

-KKC, digging on Trapt.


Hi ! I made some Photos. There are a few Things ill add and change in the future but at the moment ive got to work a lot so ive got no time.

I Painted the Case blue, added a fan ( I can turn it on/off with the switch on the back), Changed the Power LED to blue, and removed the cover from the module-shaft.

The Color of the case is much brighter on the first Photo and much darker on the second Photo than it really is. I am bad photographer.




Confirmed. The PAL NES and SNES systems uses identical power supplies. They're both called "NES-PAL-002." (Output: AC 9.8V/1.3A)

Also, the American SNES and the European Mega Drive II uses identical power supplies as well. Sure, different plugs and opposite polarities, but same output (10V, 850mA, 8.5VA).

Sorry for the off-topic post, by the way. Just wanted to say that.

Edit: Your system looks cool, but I still don't understand why you put a fan on it.


fan makes no sense at all, the snes doesnt even come close to overheating. if its just for looks go for it. to each his own.