1 button -> 8 outputs

Started by kaatiq, March 07, 2006, 03:40:50 AM

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I need an IC or ICs (similar to 74HC157 in Saturn Switchless mod.) where I can use 1 button to switch between 8 outputs. Any suggestions?




Is that a scan of a personal notebook/sketch pad, or a book you've purchased? If so, does it have a name? I like the hand drawn look of it.



Thanks a lot viletim!

kripp, it looks like a book from Radio Shack called "Getting Started in Electronics" or something. I may be wrong, but the Radio Shack book was also hand drawn...


It's from a book called Forrest Mim's Engineering Notebook. It's full of simple practical circuits based around CMOS, TTL and linear ICs. That, and a copy of the ECG semiconductor replacement guide (it's really cheap and full of pinouts, diagrams, etc) are most useful IC refrence books I've come across.


Great stuff, thank you.

I will take a look for both of these next time through the bookstore, and not just walk through to the record shop!

Thanks again.