NoMod Xbox RGB via DC VGA box mod possibilities

Started by Aryu Limitless, March 03, 2006, 05:38:28 AM

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Aryu Limitless

There were a few VGA boxes made for the Dreamcast (BLAZE and NYKO (Model DC-VGA-1, I think) each made one) that could be done.  It actually took the RGB signals from the DC and converted them into VGA with the mode switch.

If "Mr. Bill" decided to drop the VGA RGB mode to prevent the world from seeing HIS 300-pound Gorilla from looking like a PC-In-A-Console's-Clothing, why couldn't there be a way to decode the (worsecase) S-Video into RGB?

Also, could either of these DC VGA boxes be converted to VGA for the Xbox, even if a mod was necessary?
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It's important to note that the purpose of the VGA box is to create backward-compatible voltage levels as well as providing ports for audio. Strictly speaking, the Dreamcast itself is producing the 31 kHz sync signal and the 640x480 picture. But using just a native VGA cable, the voltages aren't compatible with a lot of older VGA monitors (which is why the box is necessary.) Dreamcast VGA boxes are not performing any significant signal conversion, and therefore can't be practically adapted for use on other consoles.

That's not to say that what you want to do can't be done. But it would require an additional clock or crystal to produce the sync signal in time with whatever input you decide to use. Also, you'd have to scale your RGB image to fit a resolution that a VGA monitor would agree with. Put simply, a Dreamcast VGA box isn't a good platform for a casual conversion to another input type.

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    There is an adapter out that will enable you to connect your xbox to a pc monitor.

Of course, you can attempt to build your own if you like. It has some limitations though.

Aryu Limitless

Looking forward to getting an Xbox modded, just not the one I'm using.  Also, the X2VGX box is US$65 +S&H from Lik-Sang in HongKong.  Many times I try to shop there, they haven't got any stuff I want (NEED!!!).

Anyway, thanks for the info, but the cable requires a Modded Xbox.  I was hoping I could get VGA from my Xbox without modding it.

Also, I'm looking for a way to use the 9-pin VGA cable for an older VGA analog monitor with my Xbox.  Any suggestions?!?!?!

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OBTW, I'm looking for data cables for my Motorola i285:  USB and RS-232!  Where can I find them CHEAP?! :unsure:  
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