Playing Megadrive uk pal games on my Nomad

Started by Miles Tails Prower, December 11, 2003, 02:19:36 AM

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Miles Tails Prower

I bought a Sega Nomad through but I am still to get it and I need to know if I can play my Uk Pal Megadrive games on my Nomad?
I have all the Sonic Megadrive uk games.
How do I get by the lockout code and do my uk Megadrive Sonic games have the territory lockout?
My Games are:
Sonic The Hedgehog
Sonic 2
Sonic Spinball
Sonic 3
Sonic And Knuckles
Sonic 3D Flickies Island

Can you please tell me if my games will work and how to get past the territory lockout codes?

Thanks  :( Miles):


Miles Tails Prower

I think my Dad will help me to do this but I hope it works or I will be very very very unhappy cause he won't let me get the American Genesis Sonic games.


well it works for everyone else, so if your dad does the job and it doesn't work, blame your dad.  (hi dad!)


actually, id be careful.  Id tried to that mod myself (on a broken screened nomad of mine) and REALLY killed the system.  Despite what the writer says, its a VERY hard mod as you nee da Gamebit special screwdriver just to open it up adn after that you have to unscrew very tightly bound parts (because its a handheld) find room for the wire (which isnt easy because everythings so compacted in there) and make sure not to damage the image card which has to come unplugged just to open it.  Stay away from that mod.  As for the games you mentioned, they should all work on a US Nomad.  Only a couple rare post-1994 Mega drive/genesis titles supported territorry lock-out and if you wont to play those you should just get a magic key converter ;)

I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


i dont know about spinball (dont have it to try) but all those games except for sonic 3 do not have lockout. if you plug sonic2/3 into the knuckles cart the resulting games do not have lock out, so over all you should be pleased


Pretty much every PAL game that I have tried works on the Nomad without having to do the territory mod.  

However the 50/60Hz mod is essential.  

Some PAL games detect whether the system is running at 50Hz (PAL) or 60Hz (NTSC).  If try to run them on an unmodified Nomad (60Hz) it will display a message the the game is not compatible with your system.

Also there some PAL games that use the extra height of the PAL display mode (where the black bars at the top and bottom of the screen usually are).  Play these on an unmodified Nomad and the screen will be stretched.

If you do have games that use a full PAL screen you will have to install a switch for the 50/60Hz mod, rather than use the mode button as the mod suggests (unless you want to hold the mode button down the whole time you play :P ).  


Just to clarify...  

You may be able to play the Sonic games you mention without installing a 50/60Hz switch.  I haven't tried every one of those games.

If you'll be playing a lot of PAL games on your Nomad the 50/60Hz mod is a must do.  

I'm in Australia (also PAL like the UK) and the 50/60Hz mod makes my Nomad compatible with all of my Megadrive games (100 or so).  


damn, how did you do that mod?  it wa sjust about impossible for, im still new at this though.  i need a frickin gamebit screwdriver :-/  
I design PCBs for retro game systems :)


The Nomad mod is one of the easiest I've ever done.  It's no different from any other Genesis mod.

Obviously, step one would be to buy the right screwdriver.  And if you can't solder well, don't bother or else you'll break it.  Practice on a cheaper Genny unit that you don't mind breaking first.

a couple rare post-1994 Mega drive/genesis titles supported territorry lock-out and if you wont to play those you should just get a magic key converter

Totally not true.  You're thinking of Japanese games - PAL games are loaded with territory lockouts.


You're right-I was thinking of Japanese MD....hrmmm that sucks.  Stick with Genny releases on a Nomad then...that's my recommendation :)  Also, where did you get the right screwdriver to open the nomad?  I got a new gamebit tool set off ebay but I'm still not sure if it'll work cause the screw is so deep in there... X-p  And where do you fit the extra wire? Did you connect it to the other PC by running it the the battery hole area?  or the trace strip?  Please help me! lol, im such a nooB >_<  thanks!