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Started by NFG, December 18, 2005, 10:04:59 AM

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I've added two new capabilities to the wiki, skill stars and boxes.

As you can see on the main wiki page there is a big warning box at the bottom.  Please don't overuse this box, but feel free to slap it in wherever it's needed.  The syntax is easy:

<box warning round |title> content </box>

The modifiers 'warning' and  'round' are optional, as is the pipe and title '|title'.  Without 'warning' the box will be blue, and without 'round' it'll have square corners.

Skill stars are now available for mod pages to give an indication of the skill required.  They're easy to implement:


You don't have to specify /10, but I think you should.  10 is the max, if you try to add more it won't let you.  Here's how I see the ranking:

1 - dead easy, like jamming a pencil in a megadrive power switch to make it play Genesis games.
2 - real easy, tool may be required, like snapping off the pegs in a SNES slot to play Japanese carts.
4 - some soldering required, not too tricky, no tiny parts
7 - advanced.  Anyone with a few hours soldering skill should be able to handle it.
9 - really tough.  May require a PCB, wiring, parts and a lot of effort, some tiny or weird parts.
10 - alarm bells sound.  Programming, microcontrollers, explosive parts, radiation hazards, meteors.

Level 4 project
Level 9 project