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Wiki colors

Started by kendrick, December 01, 2005, 09:54:11 PM

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Did somebody change the Wiki page colors on purpose? I'm blind in an eye, so I don't dare make aesthetic judgements, but I think people who've put in tables and pictures should check for contniued legibility if this is an intentional and purposeful change.

-KKC, starting a 48-hour countdown to receiving a Sega Model 2 board. Pretty pictures coming soon!


Yeah, it's a WIP.  There was a problem with the lists at first, but I've crushed it like a bug.  Images are a problem, since they're now black on black, but...  well, you can edit the images yourself if you want.  ;)

Aside from a tiny handful of images, most of the wiki seems to have survived unscathed.  Point out problems and I'll crush 'em!