cdi and 3do rgb info?

Started by acem77, October 19, 2005, 04:18:37 AM

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i hate the 4 character search limit.
it makes it a such a pain to find cdi, 3do, n64 ect wtf.
ok i got that out of my system ;)

i did read about some people that have seen or have rgb moded 3dos. it there any one good place with more info on this?

i have never found any thing about the i can take a good guess why that is....where is the love ;)
but if it could be done it would be nice.

i have all my other systems working on my xrgb2 plus with some rgb mod. genesis, 32x, cdx, saturn, dreamcast(plus vga box), snes, n64, turbo duo, turbo grafx 16, super grafx, psx, jaguar and neo-geo.
xbox, gamecube, and ps2 all work good with component i am not even going to mess with those.

my next system to do is the nes. found a lot of good info on this forum.


I have read that the 3DO can't actually do RGB as the video chip doesn't spit that out, it only spits out composite and S-Video on its output pins once it's done all the work.
However, it's possible that because each machine had a different manufacturer, they used different video chips.
I have a Goldstar model and will be looking inside it to see what the chip is if it's a standard part and trying to get hold of a data sheet. If you have a 3DO, you do that too, and we'll try our best to make 3DO RGB happen.


Creative Labs released a PC card that plugs into your computer called the 3DO Blaster. This card requires a specific Creative Labs 2x CD drive to function which could be purchased separately or packaged with the PC card. This item could be considered an emulator, although it was really a 3DO system made for a Windows 3.1 PC.

3DO Blaster an isa card to play 3do games on your pc.
i was always trying to find one cheap.
make a cheap pc pop this bad boy in it and hook it up to a hd tv or pc monitor or some how convert the sync signal to work on 15khz displays.

a listing for a rgb 3do poor translation.

a little info for 3do rgb poor translation.



"Corresponds the medicine which It is not."

I love machine translations :)

By the way, my attempt at deciphering the bit at the bottom in that second translation:

"Because it was the strategy, multimedia prayer for home, the S terminal of the mini- DIN and the video voice response terminal of the RCA have been attached usually. In addition there is no AV output terminal which is expandability"
"Because from the tip/chip the digital data has appeared with parallel, if it increases the D/A converter, there are no either times when the analog RGB signal cannot be made, but super it is difficult."

Those say to me pretty much what I said before, the data goes in and the video chip doesn't produce RGB on its pins, only composite and s-video, so you can't get the signals.

Interesting to note that french stuff about the RGB mod, but I wonder if it's not just a hack of the S-video output into a SCART connector.

What's this about Japanese women then?


Quotemake a cheap pc pop this bad boy in it and hook it up to a hd tv or pc monitor or some how convert the sync signal to work on 15khz displays.
Or a TV output card with RGB, perhaps?


the odds of getting a 3do blaster at a fair price is very slim.
i guess they are super rare now.
i have contacted a few people and even contacted creative labs with no luck.
creative labs trashed the over stock they had  :(

but if some how some one could get one to study a bit it may have a few clues on how to convert the 3do console to out put rgb for cheaper price.


RGB Mod is possible.
Some years ago, "GT Elektronik" in swizerland offer the RGB Mod for around 150 Euro. It is a D/A to convert the digital RGB to analog RGB.

Bye Markus


GT Elektronik? the only thing i can find is a comany that makes transformers.
and an old post that sound like it may be him the people are talking about.

they called him mr Reinle von GT-Elektronik?

has there been any other news or contact info for him?
has anyone looked at the moded 3do to see how easy it could be copied?

i found a user on a forum that seems to be active still that has a rgb moded 3do
i hope he writes back.

this is the site that did the rgb mod for him.


GT Elektronik is not online available via Internet/Webside. But I have the telephonenumber you can call witch him, they speak also english.

Yes, Mr. Gerard Reinle is the right man. I don`t know if GT Elektronik still exist. Afaik this company have offers only DVD-Player Codefree mods 5 Years.

GT Elektronik supplied witch the 3DO RGB Kit. But the Kit is out of print since 10 Years, maybe Wolfsoft have restocks.

Bye markus


3DO - RGB Dekoder

i have know clue to what the site is about...
cant read it :(


This company is in germany. I call next week, because I`m from germany :)
Thanks for this link.

Bye Markus


ooooh.. exciting!

I wonder if this rgb-decoder avoids the unnessecary interlacemode.
It is just stupid and ugly. The interlace mode isn't needed since the resolution is low enough. 3D0games will probably look much better without it.

Hmm. Moosmann, lost your password?  B)  


I received some (maybe it is incomplete ?) circuits today.
It is generally in german language and as far as i remember, not all 3DO consoles are rgb modable.

It is a circuit witch 5 ICs, many resistors and needs over 25 wires to the PCB. I buy a 3DO next time to test this RGB Mod.

Bye Markus


Quote3DO - RGB Dekoder

i have know clue to what the site is about...
cant read it  

that was posted by me.

[/QUOTE]I received some (maybe it is incomplete ?) circuits today.
It is generally in german language and as far as i remember, not all 3DO consoles are rgb modable.

It is a circuit witch 5 ICs, many resistors and needs over 25 wires to the PCB. I buy a 3DO next time to test this RGB Mod.

the company had some kits to sell?
do they have more if so how much? please share all the info possible! :)

i have a fz 1 3do. am sure it is the one all the mods have been done on.


This company haven`t RGB-Kits, because these Kits are out of print.
I only get some instructions and the circuit datasheet, so that i can make this kit myself.
Unfortunately, these instructions are a little incorrectly :(

However, I buy a cheap 3DO to test this mod, we will see what I will find out :-)

Your Mission: First mod your NES and wait a little :)

Bye Markus


QuoteYour Mission: First mod your NES and wait a little
i would but still hunting down a ppu for the nes mod...


Ask how is labled the "brown" Chip:

Many broken PLaychoice 10 PCBs have still working PPUs:

3X Duckhunt Chips (the right unlabled chips are Baseball Chips (MDS-BA)

Bye Markus


Quote3X Duckhunt Chips (the right unlabled chips are Baseball Chips (MDS-BA)

those chips are ppus? i would have thought they are the roms of the games?

QuoteMany broken PLaychoice 10 PCBs have still working PPUs:

i thought you said it was better to get the vs tennis or duck hunt ppu?


Yes, this are PPUs. PPUs have always the 40-Pins and packaged in grey/brown or white ceramikpackage. Look the photos on the other thread. These Chips can be labled witch some names from the games. The important is the Number Rp2C03b, Rc2c03b, Rp2c03c and so on...

I mean, buy the VS. Tennis/Duckhunt ROM-Kits are better, because it is cheaper and you can save on shipping costs instead high shipping fee for a complete PlayChoice10 PCB.

And these chips in the auction is not a complete ROM-Kit, only the PPU for the games. A Rom kit is "some Rom-Chips + the PPU"

I think, I have to make a NES RGB Mod webside soon :)

Bye Markus


QuoteI think, I have to make a NES RGB Mod webside soon

yea :)

thanks again

i will change my website to explain every rgb mod i got to work on my xrgb2 plus.
so far i have n64, snes, sega genesis(32x, cdx, nomad), saturn, dreamcast, neo-geo, cdi, duo, super grafx, psx, jaguar and soon the nes and i hope the 3do later :D
if i get the 3do done that will be every system i own:)

ps2, xbox, and gamecube will just use component cuz the progresive scan


I have an FZ-1 3DO and a while ago I opened it up and took a nice big photo of the PCB - you can see it here:

As you can see, the video encoder chip is the chip with "Bt9103KPJ VIDEO ENCODER" (durr =P) written on it. However, searching up that chip number on Google seems to turn up nothing (that's useful), except for a tonne of mentions of it on IC suppliers' websites.

But surely an IC with that many pinouts would have RGB... right? What else could all those connections be used for? (That said, if it does have RGB output, soldering to the pins on that surface-mounted thing will be hard work).


There's a whole bunch of connections that look suspiciously like the chip takes a digital input. Worst case, you could throw together a single channel video amplifier and use that (plus the normal sync) to probe the pins on the chip to see if you can locate any RGB signals.
[ Not an authoritive source of information. ]


I had look inside my goldstar 3DO and found a VP536 as the video encoder. It's got the same ammount of legs as the one in yours so I think it's safe to assume it's an equivalent part. No RGB/YUV output unfortunately, just compositre/s-video. Adian's right about the input being digital, 8 bits for each colour, can be fed digital RGB or YUV.

If the input to the encoder is digital RGB then could it not be converted to 0.7Vpp analog RGB with a simple resistor ladder and a buffer/driver amplifer circuit?


As far as I can see, that should work. However, you might want to buffer the signal first, just to ensure you're not putting too much loading on the digital outputs. Not sure what the bandwidth would be like though. You could probably take the existing HSync/VSync from the chip and use that - although you'll probably need to combine them as the chip doesn't appear to have a combined sync output.

It looks like some of the encoders never produce RGB in analog form internally. The VP536 converts RGB to YUV colourspace and then encodes that directly to s-video and composite.

If only the N64 was that easy.
[ Not an authoritive source of information. ]


The 3DO RGB schematik I got some days ago convert the 8 Bit RGB to analogue. You need one D/A each color. However, you need additional 2 other chips and some resistors and capacitors. Complete, 5 ICs (Chips) you need to get RGB.

Unfortunately, I haven`t get all schematik informations and some infos are wrong, so that I first buy a cheap 3DO to test this mod.

The mod from the FZ1 and FZ10 are difference.

Bye Markus


all done with the nes rgb mod!!

Moosmann how is the 3do rgb mod doing?
can you send me any info on this mod that you have?
it would be very cool to get the 3do rgb moded!!


It still takes a little time, maybe in 2-3 weeks I can send you the complete diagram.

Bye Markus


Yeah, I know I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I've had a thought.  

I was unjamming a DVD player yesterday and noticed that the video DACs and analog sections were on a seperate PCB that takes a digital signal from the decoder PCB.  

Could the 3DO video decoder be removed and this whole PCB be connected in place (in an external box that sits under the 3DO and connects via a short cable?)?

Depending on the donor DVD player you'd have  RGB, component and PAL/NTSC switchable composite/S-video.  

Is this worth looking into, or is there something incompatible between the digital RGB provided by the 3DO and that provided by the DVD decoder?




it's more of shop selling the mod service/mod console then anything else... ? O_o


seems cool what the hell does it say...
i guess its a site loaded with rgb modded systems?

since i see the 3do what info do they have on that rgb mod?


the above reply was from me..


they are offering the mod service for the fee....


I bought the parts for the 3DO RGB Kit last week. The only one i still need is a 3DO :)

Bye Markus


that's like getting full spec Nismo upgrade parts for GT-R except you don't have GT-R at the garage... :P

do let us know if you ever get 3DO as I have a sapre Sanyo TRY that I won't mind to fiddle with...


where did you get the kit and how much?
does it look very hard to do?
i would like to buy a kit for my 3do also.
i think i have the skills to do the mod if the intructions are done well enough.


It is not the complete RGB Kit, only the Parts e.g. 3x 74HCT245 and so on...

Bye Markus


what is in the complete kit?
what are you missing other than the 3do ..
i would like to start finding all the needed parts.