How to build his own N64 RGB Cable?

Started by ALeXiS, October 13, 2005, 10:21:49 PM

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Hello there,
i was wondering if there is any explanation how to build his own n64 rgb video cable? or is it possible to use any actuall available 3rd party rgb video cables for the n64?


Just make a PAL SNES RGB cable (see for pinouts for the SNES Multi-out connector), it's the same basic wiring, then make adjustments with resistors/capacitors on the red green and blue lines to get the desired brightness of colour.
Note that NTSC N64s will need to be internally modified (simple 3-wire mod) to output RGB, but PAL N64s are already wired to output it.
Alternatively, you can buy a ready-made (and very good in my experience) RGB cable from lik-sang for about �3 which is far less hassle.


i know about the n64 modding internally (was doing this a hundred of times :))
snes rgb cable... aren't there more common cables around? i mean: buying a new rgb cable for cube or those multi cables (cube/ps2/xbox) would be rather more simply than searching for a snes rgb cable on ebay...


lik-sang has almost every rgb cable you could need.

i just got my order from them(i ordered 2 snes/n64, saturn, psx/ps2,and dreamcast cable). i rewired them to fit my needs to work on my xrgb2 plus. in the end i and am very happy with the picture i am getting from each system.


Vertigo: You claim that PAL N64s support RGB without modding? I sure don't get any picture at all from my RGB cables on my N64....


Vertigo's confused, perhaps he was thinking of the GameCube.


Sorry, I'll put my hands up on that one. I was pretty sure that I'd read about French N64s that came with RGB SCART leads and outputted RGB as standard, just like a lot of French consoles, but I'm obviously mistaken on that part. TBH though, anyone using a PAL N64 needs their head examining.

And Alexis like I said in my first response lik-sang has most RGB cables for about �3, there is no "hunting around on ebay" and those multi-console things aren't guaranteed to be RGB plus you get a lot of signal dissipation as the signals go back up the lead to the other consoles connectors instead of into the SCART block like how they should do so don't bother with them coz they're a piece of shit.