New Wiki Page: Counterfeit SNES spotting

Started by NFG, September 12, 2005, 12:09:34 AM

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There's a new page up, how to recognize a fake SNES.  Tell everyone on ebay to stop spending $250+ for fake chinese knockoffs.  =)


hehe, i have one of these, but i got it for free, so im happy about it:)

there are also many faults on the box, for those who want to know a pirate before they buy it. the biggest givaway is the red area on the back which says something about checking a number behind the window or something, there's no window on a pirate box.
there are also many typos and other problems with the box, like where it says to use a n64 rf cable and module or something.

i might add additional info to the wiki on this some time when i didnt just wake up:)


   How's the compatibility? Do any games you've tried so far not work or have glitches?


Most of these clones work similarly to how a NES clone does, ie the games that use more complicated hardware are likely to not work, but that all depends on how the clone was made.
Basically, you can't tell until you try it, which is useful huh? :)
I have seen SNES clones before that don't have the extra cartridge pins present or connected, and one that didn't even have the full-length connector, just enough width to fit the middle standard pins.
Unless the clone's an interesting design or shape or you're into collecting them, it's probably best just to get a proper SFC really.


I have only played one game on this unit, Castlevania Dracula X.  it seemed to work fine.


i really should pull mine down and shed some light on some of these thoughts


i've edited the pictures so theyre all the same and not swapped opposite to the pictures of the consoles, i also mentioned the thing about the window on the box