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Started by NFG, August 16, 2003, 11:49:14 PM

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Here are some pics of my games and other crap:


Good stuff. Reminds me of .... my house... =)



That's some collection man. Fair dues to you. Just wondering if you have any real rare/odd stuff? Like that Treamcast that was available before sega banned it. or the wonderswan etc.

I'd be interested to know. best of luck with the collection.


the "Treamcast" isn't rare, it's just a dreamcast with a replacement shell, shitty LCD screen and some VCD software.  It's total junk, and Sega didn't "Ban" it, they only said it violated their copyrights and some retailers (Like Lik-Sang) didn't carry it, perhaps for that reason.

The WonderSwan isn't rare either, it's hugely common here in Japan.  If you wanted a hundred of them I could easily supply in a week or so.

That SF-Box II is super-duper rare, it basically doesn't even exist on the internet, the only info I could find on it was a single picture - of the unit I have.  The Samsung Saturn is similarly rare - Only one other person outside of Korea has one, as near as I can tell.  The HiSaturn Navi - only 2,000 made, so I think that qualifies as rare too.  =)


hi. just waltzed in and... :o

i cant wait until you get everything wired up. you could use some profesional grade video switcher to hook up the 20+ systems to giant pc monitor, that way if you one day feel like playing some old system, its already hooked up. it will take forever to unpack though  :lol:  :P  

Richter X

So what're you gonna do with all those extras?


´┐ŻOOOOOLEEEEEEE!!....I,m impresed....I have been triying to build a collection like that for about 15 years of my 21 years of life...but now a day my collection is "a little smaller" than yours i think...sniifff


Could you take some pics of the Prototype SNES and DD64 :) the insides if possible.  Just interested in them