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Started by Akir, July 23, 2005, 09:48:32 AM

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I'm currently in the early-to-mid planning stage of a video game based on the popular Shining Force series. However, I am lacking support. Looking at the Shining Source, I can see that many people are doing the same thing. The big thing about those games is that they don't have all of the elements that I want in it. Most of them are simpily way too fast for what they want to do. The one that's closest to being finished is Shiny Sword, which has a really bad storyline so far and doesn't have a good theme (one thing that we gamers take for granted). Don't tell Devlyn that I said that. Here's the target specs

Platform: Computer (x86, AMD64, PPC. Later: Mac Intel)
Operating System: All (so far: Windows, Linux, Mac OS) (Intended to reach all interested people without boundries of OS)
Clock Speed: x86: 667Mhz  (I havn't enough experiance with other archetectures to name one yet)
RAM: 128Mb
HD Free Space: As much as needed

It's vague, but that's a good thing right now. I am trying to use 3D graphics, But I will abandon the Idea if it's too farfetched for the speed. However, Blender works fairly quick, and is simple to use. The Clock Speed and Memory limits may increse later, because I Believe that we may be able to make this a little better.

Check out the forums at Http://www.ShiningSource.org under General projects/Project Candlelight for more information.


You are in the very very early stages of design then! Figure out what you want to do, the style you want and how you want things to work before even thinking about getting anywhere near a computer. To be able to get very far you need to have a good plan first. If you don't know what you're doing, then it's a bit hard to do it. ;)

Forget tech specs - they're not important until you're further on in your project.
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I already have that stuff. It's a steampunk; you don't need much beyond that discription to get the idea of what's happening. If you've ever played Shining Force, it's kind of like that.


After a slight development, it might be for the Amiga!