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SNES sp/dif mod!

Started by timofonic, July 03, 2005, 07:49:37 PM

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I've got details on SP/DIF infos for a stack of consoles: Saturn, PSX, SNES and a few more.  I'll get around to adding it some day soon, but if you want to see it done early add it to the wiki


Yes, please add it!

What about sega genesis? And turbographx? And neogeo? :P


I would just like to mention that I have preformed the snes sp/dif mod and all I have top say is that ITS WELL WORTH IT!

The sound is clear as a bell and you can crank your AV reciver's volume up without hearing the dredded 50/60Hz hm common on some nintendo machines.

A few bits of advice:

1. Glue the chip to a small piece of veroboad and solder all its pins via wires to it.  You can combine all the GNDed pins together and all the VCCed pins together on seperate tracks.  It reduces the number of wires you need to solder to the snes and makes it easier if you wan't to remove the mod incase your snes breaks down and you want to put in into another one.

2.  Buy the smallest bit you can get for your soldering iron (unless its allready real small, like a sharpie pencil point).  If you can't change the bit on your iron then buy a new one.  Itl help lots, I did'n and ended up wrapping a paperclip around my iron cause the bit is so stonking big!
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I REALLY want this on the Genesis :)


I can kill for having sp/dif for genesis and segacd!


You totaly rule!!
I'd die for something like this on my PC-Engine CDRom� with coax and optical out T_T


The Genesis uses a soundchip (YM2612) that has an onboard DAC. It never produces a digital signal to tap into and convert to SPDIF.
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Damn thats annoying, oh well at least I know, thanks ^^


This is for all you guys in the UK,

Just looking at the new maplins catalogue and I see that they now do the CS8406 for �4.22, and since it says in the catalogue "The CS8406 is also pin compatible with the CS8405A 96kHz digital audio transmitter", all you britons can be Happy to know that you can get this Mod' done.

N42CF - CS8406 Dig Audio Tx  �4.22

Maplin Electronics Autumn/Winter 2005/6 catalogue pg908

Since Maplins dont do Toslinks seperately, I would suggest buying something cheap with a toslink (eg. Optical to Coax converter) or an old/broken DVD player or something, OR you could buy a phono socket and buy a converter (only about 20p extra if you're gonna buy the converter)

Well, happy modding!


Thanks for that nice piece of news.  Now I can try to botch together a Gamecube s/pdif mod! ^_^
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