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Started by Akir, June 25, 2005, 12:37:25 PM

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Right now, if you were to visit Zoom's website, especially Neco information (I assume that Neco is the cat), you will see "downloads." They are letting pople actually download X68000 floppy disc images (in the .xdf format) of their games. I have already dowloaded Genocide 2 (which is really a good plaformer; this is coming from sometone who doesn't like them), and loaded it into a good emulator (WinX68k because it's the only one at supports these games correctly), and it worked! Zoom seems to have acted like a few other companies and is giving out their old software for free in order to promote their current games. Currently available is Overtake, a bad racing game with a good introduction.      


I believe I made mention a while back on the Games page that ST!NG was offering a free DL of their old X68k shooter, Last Battalion, a port/clone/whatever of the PCE shmup Override.

The problem with companies releasing old titles is twofold - they risk giving people the idea that old games are free so that remakes and sequels won't sell as well, and they risk people realizing that quite often new games aren't a patch on the old ones.  Viva le Retro!  

or something...

But yeah, I think it's a good idea for companies to do this.  Companies do have fans and we do want to play their games.  Treating us like criminals and stinging us for shitty ports of old titles (Are you listening to me, Digital Eclipse?) isn't the right way to do things IMO.