alternate snes lockout mod.

Started by phreak97, June 15, 2005, 02:36:56 AM

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i dont like linking to other forums, but they said theyre better than us..
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I've seen that, but haven't tried it yet.  That mod is on an SNES model II (mini) console.  


I don't see how thats a better mod at all. This one isnt reversible like the one we practice...
forgive my broked english, for I am an AMERICAN

Lost Monkey



He asked about a mod on Atari Age many moons ago and I pointed him here...

He came back a few hours later with his "mod"...

He may have even posted here about it, I don't recall.


guess ill have to try myself to get real answers.


Oh it's a better mod? Gee I read the whole thread and thought they were better at griping and being asses to one another on public forums.


i wonder if it's better functionality wise or just in that you dont need to know how to lift a pin to do it.


It's dickheads like that that make all the stupid rumours and "I think"s in the first place.
Honestly though, if you are incapable of working out how to lift a pin, you shouldn't really be poking around inside things anyway.
Oh and just for info's sake, if you have a 50/60 modded SNES, you can happily boot Terranigma in 50Hz mode then flick to 60 and it works fine for the rest of the time, including the ending, no special timings there. The dick that's talking about the copier allowing him to play Terranigma in 60Hz mode is wrong, it won't. The software still checks what speed the SNES is running at. That has nothing to do with the CIC chip being present or not.
Interesting that they say it does run SMRPG, seeing as there's so much misinformation in that thread, I wonder if any of them have actually tested it.
phreak97, if you do the mod, please do let us know how it goes, because there are far more clued-up people around here who can talk it through than those 10-year-olds.


How this runs? By bypass each country chip? Please explain it...

It runs on old SNES motherboards? Or adapting the mod...


i got my snes out, went to find my gamebit, and i cant find it.. ended up cleaning up this room for 6 hours. i think it's in another room actually. lol. ill do it tomorrow then post the results.


It takes you a day to get to another room and back?
Your house sounds wicked.
Please post pictures and let me know if I can come and visit.

Oh and a judicious one of these:  ;)  


lol.. no, i just didnt finish till about 2am, so i was hardly going to mod the thing then..