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Started by exodus, November 18, 2003, 01:02:52 PM

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so I'm seeing that it's supposed to exist, but...there doesn't seem to actually be anyway to *do* it.


Yeah, that's right baby.  The power's all MINE!

Basically I can't see a user news option working for more than about a month if I open it to anyone, it's gonna get flooded with bullshit and spam PDQ.  Gonna have to hand out accounts to people or groups, and see how that works....  Cumbersome, but let's face it - the slobbering masses are chumps.


So, the user has to submit the news to you and then you subsequently post it if you think that it merits it?

I don't think they'll be a ton of submissions if that's the case.


that's not the case, currently the system isn't active at all, except that I've made the structure for it.  Still debating the options for input.


QuoteCumbersome, but let's face it - the slobbering masses are chumps.

oh, I see.  So then, just introducing it now in order to let people know about it?

also, answer my email!  or die!


Well, user-submitted news is online.  I'm debating a few changes, but for the moment it's up, unregulated, and totally ignored.  =)