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Started by acem77, May 13, 2005, 04:18:44 PM

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i just got my xrgb2 plus in and gave it a full test.
it seemed to have problems with fixed pixel displays.
i am running it on my samsung dlp.
i figured i might have a problem because of the problems reported with lcd monitors.

there is flickering(pixels moving back and forth) on the edge of 90% of any out line in any game from any system...
my guess is the fixed pixel display is freaking a bit. it does not know if the information should go to one pixel or the other pixel next to it....
i would say that it is just some small slop i the xrgb and a crt has a faster refresh per pixel than lcd or dlp so you dont see the flickering.

the usr_tdc option helps remove this. but only if your tv or monitor has the below options.
the usr_tdc option seem to stretch some pixels in random columns.
if i use the tdc option with the coarse and fine options in my samsung i can get the pic to look perfect.
they have to match up or you wil see the flickering.
i have my tvs coarse setting at 831 and the fine setting at 10.(tv menu-setup-pc-)
to get to the usr_tdc option in the xrgb you need to set (option-on)(dtc_typ-user)
then you change the usr_dtc value to what ever number you need to get you video to look right with your display(i set mine to 829)
as i said you need to find a happy medium between your display settings and your xrgb.

if you did the above correctly the picture will look very awesome

I tested the xrgb on my crt pc monitor and it looks awesome for the following systems.
Neogeo, genesis, turbo duo+rgb amp(ok with out the amp but some very small problems in the video), ps2, gamecube.
no setting need to be tweaked.

xrgb 2 plus has problems with jamma boards. it treats them as 50hz so the screen rolls really fast.
tested street fighter 2 champ ed,golden axe, mvs 1 slot, mk3. all act the same way.
i saw something about this problem on some other forum. you need the older xrgb to work with jamma boards.
this plus model is better for consoles.

for the scan line fan boys you can add them. they look very good on the crt monitor
they look ok on the dlp. but over all very natural on the crt.

the xrgb seems to take on RF noise very easy keep it away from devices with high levels of RF noise.

now i have all my systems hooked up to it that dont support progressive scan.

i am using most of the ports. my nes and any composite only devices runs to the composite input.
even though you dont get a big improvement it still helps a lot. better than just using the tvs composite video inputs. less blur and pixel crawl.
same story with the s-video inputs.

most hd tvs will have some lag with interlaced video. something about the way the tv cpu has to resample the video before it is displayed. visit any hd forum and you can read more about that.
the xrgb does the same job with no lag.....
why not build a upscan converter of the same level as the xrgb into all hd tvs cheap bastards :P

bottom line that lag is all gone when using the xrgb 2 plus.

i even run my dreamcasts vga to the vga input on the xrgb. so when i turn off the xrgb it will switch to the dreamcast automatically. saving some cabling/selector box head aches.

any person with a hd tv that has a vga port has to pic up a xrgb if they care about the video on any older systems.

my neo geo looks sooo nice the colors the clarity ....    
games like samurai showdown look like a master piece when looking at it on a 56' inch tv with no scan lines.
i challenge any person to take a look and say they would prefer scan lines. its one of those things you have to see in person.

my only problem now are the arcade pcbs/jamma boards