Sega Master System 2 50/60 & AV

Started by phreak97, April 23, 2005, 02:34:52 AM

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hey ppl!
I just finished installing an AV port and a 50/60 switch to my pal SMS2
the mod was mainly to have rgb easily available to me from the outside, and  also to be rid of the hard wired AV cable i had on it before, which was dodgy to the point of it having the wrong coloured rca plugs even:P

the reason i put it under this catagory, is that while i was waiting for the battery in my drill to recharge so i could install the port, i decided to look up an sms 50/60 switch. i didnt even know if it was possible, i had only heard of a couple of people doing it, and had never found how it was done before. however, instead of googling for 'master-system 50/60 switch', i googled 'sms 50/60 switch' and got results instantly. dont know why i never tried that before.

anyway, enough talk, heres the pic:

SMS 50/60 & AV Out