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Started by phreak97, November 11, 2003, 02:40:58 PM

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i attempted to do the 50/60hz mod on my pal (aus) snes.. i got it to work 60hz then it wouldnt switch back to 50hz.. after alot of soldering and desoldering (i even resoldered the two pins back to their original pads) it would still only run 60hz, in a last attempt i was following the tracks to places and turned the board over without thinking, the switch i had soldered to the regulator swung down and put 5v through something roughly in the middle of the top half of the board, it hasnt worked since
its not the fuse, the power light comes on.. and the screen gets a signal of crap for a split second when i turn it on (just a white flash like when any console is switched on) i have not tried with an rf cable since then.. only a composite cable.. i assumed it wasnt the video or if it was then rf will be dead also...

any ideas?


I'd say your SNES is beyond repair.  I don't know where you sent the +5V, but when you do the mod the +5V is supposed to go to the pins in the diagram via a resistor.  

If you don't want to attempt the mod on another SNES I can sell you a modified one.  I am in Vic, Australia.  

I install lockout and 50/60Hz switches.  I also enlarge the cart slot and remove the tabs, that way JAP and US carts will fit without an adapter.


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Cool, some other Oz residents. I'm over in the country (Perth) and loving it. Trying to apply for residency within the next couple of weeks, so hopefully that will all go well and I can say goodbye to England for a bit longer. Nice to see some other people in the same time zone as me, communicating with the US and England can be a real pain in the arse.


yeah, you dont see many ppl from australia around forums like this..

ido8bit: what price are you selling for? i should be ok to modify another snes myself.. it was 1am at the time and i was kinda tired so yeah, i will be MUCH more careful next time, oh and btw what is the purpose of the lockout switch?

Vertigo: nice to see some gamers (assuming you are one) coming into this country, most of the ones here dont show much interest in the techie side of stuff.. which part of games do you enjoy? the tech or the games or both?


phreak97: AU$40 (+ postage if required) for the console only (I assume you already have cables, controllers, power supply).  All SNES consoles have a lock out chip in them.  In a PAL SNES it stops JAP and US games from running.  That's why when you use one of those converters you need to put a PAL cartridge in the back.  Some people just disable the lockout chip entirely, but there are some late releases that can detect if it has been disabled and won't run.  So I install a switch so it can be turned on if you have any games that need it.


ah ok.. thanks anyway but i think ill probably try do it myself.. i bought another snes but its entirely different inside.. see the other topic i started for details.. can you help me out? ttyl


Quotewhich part of games do you enjoy? the tech or the games or both?
Everything ^_^


(off topic, sorta) ah thats kool.. my new snes is a retard, ill have to trade it in for an older one. btw i post here like once every 1-2 weeks..