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Composite -> Vga

Started by Akir, February 14, 2005, 08:18:22 AM

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All right, this may be strange, but is there any way to change Composite video (The cables you get from your Game system regularly) INto VGA? My TV is now N/A, so now I myst use my monitor. Luckally, It's huge.


The short answer is no.  Composite video signals use a totally different format that VGA, especially the sync signals.
If you look hard, you may find a format converter out there, but they are rare as low res composite video usally looks crappy on hi res VGA.

The way most people accomplish this now is with a video capture card in their PCs.


even then, be careful what capture card you get.. mine was supposedly the best one the supplier had.. the picture looks like crap and there are black bars on the left and right of the screen...


The cheap "VGA Boxes" for the big three consoles do what you are asking, but they probably do not do it in the way that you are thinking. Innovation has made them for years. They cost 20 to 30 dollars for each console. They are not interchangeable, i.e. if you want to use the xbox, you need the Xbox version, want the Cube, get the Cube version, etc. etc.

They look terrible.


Darn. I was hoping that I could do this for free. I do have a scan converter, but I don't know If it does TV>VGA.


I have a Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 which supports Composite (you need to use all 3 to work, so if you can't use Video In and both L-Audio In and R-Audio In, too bad), Winamp and a plugin that can be used to display output from this device. It does require that your computer support it. Also, the audio is sometimes out of sync with the picture.


If your audio is out of sync with the image that means it is being processed--which is typical of means used to display this stuff when its input goes through your computer. A simpler VGA box that connects the console directly to the monitor or through a switchbox does not have this problem.