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Interesting XVI mod

Started by NFG, January 05, 2005, 01:36:51 AM

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Picked up another XVI today, this one with a couple of interesting things to report.

First off the owner had replaced the original green/red 2-colour LEDs with red/blue ones.  I'd never seen a single two-colour LED that included blue, so I opened it up and found this crazy mod.  He'd replaced the original single LED with a dual LED setup.  Quite ingenious I think, though they're quite dim...  Have to do this with mine.  Only not so dim.

Secondly there was a SIMM memory adaptor inside:

First time I've ever seen an XSIMMVI up close.  They crop up for sale now and then but they're not cheap.  Finding one inside was a bit of a score, I think.

The system included a 275MB HD loaded wtih utils, a 120MB superdisk drive, and a CD ROM.  No media for either of the latter two.  Crazy seller included ~200 floppies, none labelled except with the occasional post-it strip attached to the sleeve.  About 25% of these discs were new/blank.  Weirdo.