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Started by heatclosingin, December 19, 2004, 02:21:08 PM

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Is the adapter for playing US games on a PC Engine Core Grafx system the same adapter that is used to play PCE on T16?


You can't play US games on a JP system without doing an internal mod:

Once that's done, yes, the same adaptor is used both ways.


Not that I ever want to discourage hardware tinkering and hacking, but is there a practical advantage for doing an import mod on a CoreGrafx or PC-Engine system? Considering that American Turbografx systems are already import-compatible with the use of an adapter, it makes more sense to me to use the hardware that requires less modification, not more.

Of course, personal preference and availability of materials is always a factor. Just curious to know if there's some other plus if everything else is equal.

-KKC, who always owns import hardware when he can get away with it.


The CoreGrafx systems are smaller and cooler, and have AV output without using additional adaptors like AV Boosters or CD ROM systems.


There are some cards that are testy with converters, a few Arcade Card games get the same way; those temperamental ones only seem to like the Kisado, and the Kisado is no longer made and hard to come by at a reasonable price today. Just picking up a PC Engine is a simple solution to the Kisado quandary. Plus as Lawrence said, the Japanese hardware is much more esoteric, nicer looking, and there are several models. I've read some here about reliability issues as well--I'd never experienced audio problems with my TurboDuo, but it seems the original Duo model has a fading audio effect for many people, which later models like the Duo R and Duo RX did not suffer.

Then there's also that SuperGrafx, games of which will never play on your US Turbo.


apparently D-Lite selling Kisado for $90 or something...
not sure how accurate that is but I read from aother forum where someone mentioned that...

at that price you could get JPN CoreGrafx and few extra games...  :D  


Apparently I'm not search-engine savvy enough to find it, but there was some talk on this forum about using 4PDT switches to create a hardware import mod that would eliminate the need for such an adapter. By coincidence, I was looking at some older telecom equipment for components to scavenge and noticed that a lot of old serial modems happen to use push on-off switches that fit this spec.

I've already got a machine from both regions, but I may pick up a CoreGrafx in the next few weeks just to try this idea out. While I'm on it, is there anybody who needs one of these switches for the same purpose? Let me know and I'll see how many I can get.

-KKC, prepping for a few hours of holiday Halo action...