Another day in Akihabara

Started by NFG, July 21, 2003, 11:27:30 PM

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So I went to Akihabara again with Rayforce.  It was a freakishly rainy day, where it'd pour down then suddenly and totally stop, then pour again.  Very extreme changes.

Anyway, bought a few games: Star Soldier for GC (Fucking awesome), 12-Stag for PS2, and Shikigami Evolution for Xbox.  All three were Y3,000 or less - Y2,000 for Shikigami.  All brand new.  Very pleased with my purchases.  Haven't played Shikigami (like, ever) but for Y2k I couldn't pass it up.  Can't play 12-stag 'cause I still don't have a PS2, so it'll go on the shelf with RType Final until I get one.  Preferably a blue-silver one, but fuckit, the PS2 is ugly as sin in any colour.

Now Star Soldier...  This shit rox0rz, baby.  What a great game.  It's so faithful to the original that Zumi was anticipating the baddies on the main game, and it's just enough like Super Star Soldier or Soldier Blade in the time attacks that I can't put the thing down.  Crank the music, hit the zone and whoosh, what a rush.

Also played F-Zero in SegaClub.  That's seriously cool, and I'm not gonna pass it up when it hits the GC.


12 stag will probably be disappointing.

R-Type too, but that'd just be for me, not for you.

How much did you get 12 stag for though??  I'm thinking of picking it up, in spite of it's many shortcomings.

While you're purchasing PS2 shooters, get yourself some psyvariar, eh?

Shikigami rocks.  It's my favorite shooter right now, without a doubt.  I love these 'scratching' shooters, and shikigami is just so versatile in terms of accomodation of play styles.  That has a lot to do with the character/ship selection...


12-stag was a mere Y3k.  Can't pass up that kind of bargain.  I saw a used one today for the same price, so I think I made out ok.

What I'd really like to see is a port of G-Stream.  That was fun.  

I might pick up Psyvariar if I had a PS2 or found the game for dirt cheap.  As for shiki, I've never played it.  Maybe I'll drag the xbox out from under whatever it's holding up and try it.


I don't feel like logging in.  I'm at WORK, see.

anyway, what's G-stream?

Shikigami is worth playing, seriously.  Try it out.  You seem to like the lighter stuff a lot.  I like it too of course; it's easier to play and enjoy.  But it's not as daring ;)

3,000??  That's not bad...for some reason I still want to pay less for new games.  It's troublesome.  I think that's why I mostly bought pce stuff when I went to japan.

and finally picked up sokyokugurentai (prolly spelled it wrong) for saturn.  300 yen, but I haven't played it yet.



G-Stream is a game by Oriental Soft, which has staff from SEibu, who did Raiden.  It has a very unique gameplay element, and tho I only played it twice in the 'cades I liked what I saw.  Did better than 12-stag so I had hopes for a port when I saw 12-stag got one...

Souky's a great game, IMO.  Level 3's music is total aces.

Star Soldier, BTW, is great.  =)


ooooh, seibu kaihatsu eh?

neato.  I'm going to look for their website, assuming they have one.

Taito is great.  They serve my shooter needs pretty well - they're bringing Psyvariar 2 out, you know.

I really want to make myself a compilation of shooter game with some Thunderforce V and shite.

I was going to ask for a good site for music rips, but...56k...


56k!  Haw haw!  It is to laugh!  Much mockery ensues.

I actually have a few shmup tunes ogg'd, including several TF tracks, but the sad truth is most shmup soundtracks totally suck.  Taito especially, with their eternally mellow Zuntata music, sucks ass.  Cave's not much better, the DDP:DOJ / Ketsui CD kinda sucked.

Star Soldier's tunes are great, a nice throwback to the old shmup days, where guitars ruled.  It reminds me a lot of Gate of Thunder.  You can totally groove to it, and the game is made only more frantic for it.  Every time I play a shmup with a zuntata soundtrack I want to tear off my ears.  


most shooter soundtracks have that ONE GOOD SONG though.  That's what I want to compile.

And thunderforce did a good job.  Most of compile's shooters had decent music too.  I like the whole soldier series...when I heard about this game I was just hoping for a nice compilation with higher res 2D.  what a joke THAT is.  Nobody would do that business.

Ketsui...not too bad.  Not great, but not bad.

Needed more NUDITY in the music, you know?

Naked music.

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh it's like we have the whole forum to ourselves.  WHAT'S YOUR SIGN, BIG BOY?



oh yeah, and F Zero GX is out.  Did you not-pass-it-up as you promised?


F-Zero GX is out tomorrow, and I'll be snarfing up that action toute-suite.

Star soldier kicks ass tho, and you can see my (so far) best 2-min replay here.

And yes, we do have the whole forum to ourselves.  I'm fine with that - you're good company.  <snuggle>


Christ it's getting mushy in here.




Haohmaru, did you send me anything?  My email's been on the fritz, so if you did, I didn't get it.  And if you didn't...please do!!  ^_^

Just got my Star Soldier today.  Finally realized something.  I'VE NEVER PLAYED THE ORIGINAL.

sunnuva.  The bastard only came out for the famicom, not the pce!!  What a crock!  So I have the whole rest of the series on pce, but not the stupid original that this is based off of.  BRILLIANT.

Anyway yeah, it's great, and now I have freaking horrible wrist pain after only a half hour.

tough game too, eh?

So F-zero GX only came out today?  Guess those online retailers got it early then...


I really didn't like F-Zero.  It's very typically sega - 100% on the presentation.  Visially most stages are top-fucking-notch.  This is the game to show your 'gamecube sucks' friends.  If you liked the N64 rev you'll love this, but I thought the N64 F-Zero sucked, and I believe this one sucks for the same reason:  Racing on tubes sucks ass.

To be fair there aren't many of them, but every track with a tube in it completely ruins my experience.  Tubes suck, and I firmly believe it's not just my own lack of skill speaking here.

If they'd have stuck with the flat tracks (and by flat I mean non-tubular, not adhering to a 2-dimensional plane) I'd not have sold my copy a few hours after getting it.


I have a star soldier question.

Can you see what happens when you've got a 2nd controller plugged in, and press A (hold it, maybe?) while you're playing via the first controller?  Supposed to be some sort of 'assist' thing, according to the manual.

But...I seem to have lost my normal controller, and only have the hori digital.

I beat the game on easy - took me an hour.  Other than stage 8, it was pretty not-hard.

On normal, I got about a half hour in (stage 6) then quit cause I needed to eat something.   Normal is harder.  SURPRISE.

But basically, I'm not getting enough of the omake over here.  All I have so far is one TVCM.  foof.


play all five modes to unlock omake #2.  Beat the game to unlock omake #1.  Apparently beating it on normal AND playing all five modes unlocks everything.  Or something.


neato -

what about the second controller thing?


I just tried playing the other modes - everything got unlocked when I did that.  Guess all you need is easy mode and the other ones.

I only have three modes, btw.  am I missing something?

or are you counting easy/normal/hard/god as modes?  Cause in that case there are six.

I'd like to play the 'boss on parade' mode with the lazer.  Hmmm.  Maybe there'll be a cheat code.


I've only played normal once.  I'll be giving it some good time tonight.  

I meant three modes, not five.  Machigaeta!

I haven't seen this laser everyone's talking about.  Don't want to ask about it 'cause the surprise would be ruined.


it shows up in a few places like the Z does.  So do dollar signs and 1-ups.

It's a pretty cool game...and I like the commercials!

But man, a dude who emailed me was talking about his playthrough taking FIVE HOURS straight.

No way in hell I'd play that long for one thing,, it's not *that* hard.


Hell, I remember when I used to have 5 hours of "free time" - I think that was like a decade ago...

Yeah, I'm still working on that piece for you. Sorry, I've been swamped and feel a bit tapped. :P



by the way, I found out what happens with the two player controller in star soldier.

basically, you have the ability to shoot with a second controller also.  Why you'd want to do this, I don't know.  But I had a small bit of fun last night using one controller for direction and another for firing.  I think in theory if you have someone else helping you, you can both press the fire button a lot and...something.  seems stupid to me.


That's actually kinda neat.  I hooked my wife on the game yesterday, but she prefers the pad for movement and the stick for firing - if I was so inclined (And by that I mean if I got more sex out of the deal) I could shoot while she moves.


Quoteif I was so inclined (And by that I mean if I got more sex out of the deal) I could shoot while she moves.




Quoteif I was so inclined (And by that I mean if I got more sex out of the deal) I could shoot while she moves.




I hear that Zumi and I are going to start playing more games together...  dot dot dot indeed.


I heard something about your mom, but I probably shouldn't mention it here.