Options for RaSCSI Bridge or Adding Additional Files to an Image?

Started by spuci278, September 18, 2022, 12:36:33 PM

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I have yet to find any good documentation for setting up the network bridge and some of the notes on injecting images with games or V4 SP2 are confusing.  Could someone walk me through either of these? 

Much appreciated!


I was looking at this previously and there isn't a good Human68k DOS filesystem driver anywhere, even in Linux, that allows mounting Human68k drives.

The closest is Disk Explorer, but it's buggy, and it will ultimately corrupt an image - especially if used in drag-and-drop.


I vaguely remember seeing an English language tutorial somewhere explaining how to set up a serial connection to transfer files to the X68000.

The simplest, and slowest way to transfer files is to compress and put on floppies, if your machine has a working drive. Next on the list is to get hold of an external SCSI CD drive and and copy files via CDRs. I too have heard that Disk Explorer is no go, it will corrupt your image.

One thing you could do if you have easy access to your Flash HDD is to just clone the image then mount it in an emulator. Then transfer files via the Emulator, and then write the updated image back to your flash drive.


Quote from: ImportantBet on October 07, 2022, 01:56:14 AMHow about USB zip/jaz drives?

If you use a SCSI zip on your x68000 and another zip drive on your pc, yes, absolutely that works. I do exactly that - just keep the zip disks as fat16 and no long filenames.

Here's my setup: https://www.target-earth.net/wiki/doku.php?id=blog:x68_scsi_drives



If you still need help, you have a couple of (easier) option:

1) Create a shared folder in your computer in the same network as rascsi
2) FTP the files inside raspberypi and share that folder with x68000

Tutorial to help you

3) If 1 or 2 didnt work (or for SD2scsi, BlueScsi or other device that don't emulate a ethernet card) you can take the image file from raspberry pi sd card, transfer to computer, open it with the excellent XM6 emulator, transfer files to that image using emulator options as windows driver. After that copy the modified image back to raspberry sd card.
Tutorial here


I tried to emulate the ethernet card on RASCSI, but it`s impossible...
Now I use the fork one (PISCSI), but still I can't.

I've read every single tutorial on internet. You could?