Megumi is how she's known in Japan. No fancy characters, no last name. Just Megumi. She has three main attributes that are crucial to success in Japan: Huge tits, a charming personality, and women don't hate her. She first came to my attention when I saw her in some game mags where she spent some time as an official face for Sega's arcades. She's inescapable. She's everywhere. Posters, TV shows, ads... In Japan people are famous for being famous. They don't have to be actors or anything - they're famous for being recognized as being famous, and Megumi is famous.

In the pics and vids below she's taking part in a weekly game show, Tokyo Friend Park 2 (known as TFP2 usually) where famous people (usually famous for being famous) are tasked in a variety of boring ways in a transparent attempt to show off their charming personalities. Download and enjoy. Video one is Megumi working a pump to raise a floating thing to start a light that the other contestant jumps on... It's a boring game, but her boobs make a pleasant circular motion as she pumps. The second video has the host asking her why she became 'talent' (Japanese term for people who are famous for being famous), and she replies she originally wanted to be a singer, but her singing coach refused her, "because my boobs are too big!" And then the camera zooms into her boobs. Pure class.

Japanese lesson: Oppai (Oh-pie) is slang for breasts. Ookii (Oh-key) means large, and 'kara' is short for 'dakara' which roughly translates to 'therefore'. So, when in video 2 Megumi responds with a laugh 'Oppai ookii kara..' she's saying 'because my boobs are too big'.

Special welcome to the TribalWar guys who seem to be quite infatuated with Megumi's charms. (And who wouldn't be?)
Note that I registered on your fine forums but cannot post or reply, so I'll say some things here: I've got bandwidth to burn, being in Japan affords me the luxury of 100mbit fiber to my tiny home and they don't care what I do with it. Leech away. If you thing Megumi's name is interesting, consider the brand of milk sold here called Megu*Milk. It came out shortly after Megumi became superpopular, think it's a coincidence? I don't. If you want to email me you can use this page. Don't bother asking for n00die shots, she never takes her clothes off. =(

Oh yeah, I noticed all your hits on the server 'cause it's a new month and your hits are disproportionately huge. And finally, I think they're real. ;)