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This is a standard US model Super Nintendo with the guts ripped out and replaced with JAMMA PCB playing gear.

The fan sucks the hot air created by the power supply and replaces it with cool goodness. Remember kids: Melting = bad!

Replaced the original ports with DB15 plugs wired to NEO GEO spec.

When in use the expansion cover is removed and cool air enters through the hole.

Since the JAMMA connector doesn't stick out very far, innovative solutions were required.

This is an innovative solution! One JAMMA harness connected to one JAMMA fingerboard, and presto - a JAMMA extension cable. Throw some shrink-tubing on there, dip the ends in plastic-dip, and it's a 4-foot piece of lovely.

The guts. Not pretty. I did this some six years ago. I'm a lot better at it now, I swear.

I re-used the existing SNES AV connector by cutting the PCB, and throwing everything away that wasn't involved in holding the back panel down.