You might remember a recent article on an IS Electronics Saturn Address Checker. What you'll see on this page is the granddaddy of that one - it's about six times larger, and ten times heavier.
It's truly enormous, nearly three feet long. Instead of a series of LEDs it has a SCSI port on the back side. There's a lot of empty space inside.
There's no shortage of strangeness inside. Have a look at these chips - half the legs are soldered to the chips below, half aren't.
They're located right below something else that's interesting.
The CPUs are identical to the standard Saturn units, but they're mounted on removable PCBs. Underneath these are sockets for use with the Hitachi E7000 SH2 debugging system.
Strangely they used some parts from the production Saturn.
Like this CD-controller sub-PCB. And as you saw above the top of a Saturn shell inside, housing the original CD mechanism.