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Nintendo 3DS: New platform, old story.
Current Console Roundup
Bashing the PSPgo, ars style
Remembering the 3DO
WTF is this Zeebo shit?
Vodafone useless: Pulls out of Japan
Samsung Saturn Revisited
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Sony's PSP
Sony's PStwo
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They Came from China: PC Engine Clones
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Sega Development Hardware: Address Checker
Strange Device: IS Electronics Sega Saturn Debugger
Micomsoft's XSelect-D4 Reviewed
The Koei PasoGo
The Sega TeraDrive
Some weird prototype gear:
Xbox 360 RGB Cable Hack
NEC's FX-SCSI Adaptor for PC-FX


Mezase! Senkyuo (Playstation)
XBLA: PacMan Championship Edition DX
Astroboy (GBA)
A handful of short GBA reviews
Mario vs Donkey Kong (GBA)
Capcom's P.N.03 Review (GameCube)
Heavy Metal Geomatrix (Dreamcast)
Nectaris - Military Madness (again!)
Sega Dreamcast: Psyvariar 2 Review
Review 3-pack: Hudson's GameCube Remakes
Thunder Force VI
Raiden DX Review (Playstation 1)
Geometry Wars 2: Retro Evolved
Unreal Tournament 3
PacMan Championship Edition
PC Game: Harvest
WonderBoy III: Monster Lair
Robotron 2084
Vdigi VDW2 Wii VGA Cable Review
USB Cell + Wiimote Review
Alien Crush Re-Review
Nintendo Wii: Kororinpa Review
New Super Mario Bros rant
Nectaris for Verizon
Electroplankton Review
Space Invaders DS Review
Meteos Review
PacPix Review
Namco Museum for PSP Review
Catch! Touch! Yoshi!
Baldr Force EXE: Pocket Review
Mario vs Donkey Kong Review
Internal Section Review + Gallery
Psyvariar 2
New Adventure Island review!
PC Genjin / Bonk's Adventure
Shikigami no Shiro 2 Review
Cool Cool Toon Review
Border Down Review
Bangaioh for Dreamcast
PC Engine: Ai Cho Aniki
Star Soldier (GameCube) Review
F-Zero (GameCube) Review
IGS' Demon Front (PGM/Arcade)
Lost Gem: Mezase Senkyuo
Capcom's P.N.03 GameCube Review
Herzog Zwei Review
MAME Gem Discovered: RongRong


Castlevania Sprites!
The Atari Curse: Part 4
Sony: Crack Smokers
3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)
Floppy Disk Art Gallery
Soldier Blade Time Attack Guide
So, how about that Nintendo, eh?
101 Secrets of the PC Engine
New Video Primer: Complete!
Sega Hardware Guide
Sharp X68000 Bonanza
The PS2 ain't so bad
Delicious Irony: The Full Circle
"Fuck the hardcore"
I made this.


Another laptop falls!
PC Engine CD ROM Mod: Done!
Today's tech fun!
My doorbell broke.
Lots of time spent on new hacks.
Sega Saturn Switchless Mod: Done!
V-601SH speaker killswitch
Making a Saturn USB pad...
X68000 PSU Repair Guide
Neo Geo Video System Detailed


Vodafone useless, pulls out of Japan
On DRM and other madness
QRCode code update
On Microsoft and DRM.
Sony's PSP: A review
ATMs + Headphones
Server rebuilding and other fun
Fun with public phones
New 256k app from Taito
I made a QRCode Generator.
More QRCode fun


3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)
Two rare things for your enjoy.
Today's tech fun!
X68000 Gallery, Technical + more
Floppy Disk Art Gallery
Sharp X68000 Bonanza
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NFGgames Updates have moved!

by NFG - Feb 27 2015 in Games (General)

Visit for new updates. You can also visit the GameSX / NFGgames forum for all the technical information you can handle....
Read More!

Tales from the Game Store

by NFG - Dec 20 2012 in Games (General)

A story that recently popped into my mind:
Read More!

Rediscovering: Last Battalion (Mission Override)

by NFG - Oct 25 2012 in Games (General)

When I lived in Japan I had a habit of buying big lots of games and selling off the individual pieces on ebay. One day a title arrived that I thought looked a little bit familiar: Last Battalion.
Read More!


Rediscovering: Override

by NFG - Sep 27 2012 in Games (General)

The first couple of years of the Nineties was the peak of shooter popularity, before beat-em-ups came along and dominated the game scene for the next half decade. The arcades in 1991 were filled with the explosive, sparkling screens of shooters, and players at home were similarly...
Read More!


Rediscovering: Toy Shop Boys

by NFG - Sep 19 2012 in Games (General)

A few days ago I fired up the old Xbox 360 to play some games, only to realie that the machine was not a games console anymore. It was some sort of slow-loading ad-showing committee-made media consumption box that actively sought to make it harder for me to spend money on games. I was outraged, and I realized it wasn't...
Read More!

Neo Geo X

by Kendrick - Aug 15 2012 in Games (General)

I'm sure the enthusiast crowd that Lawrence calls friends have already heard about this little gem:
Read More!


Rediscovering: The Ignition Factor

by NFG - Jul 11 2012 in Games (General)

The Ignition Factor is an unremarkable game, but for some reason it has stuck in my mind for nearly 20 years since its release on the Super Nintendo. It's a fireman sim, with some competent graphics and challenging gameplay.
Read More!


Game Hacking: trap15's Cave Arcade Hacks

by NFG - Jul 01 2012 in Games (General)

trap15 is a pretty cool guy, I hang out with him on IRC and it seems that he's always up to something, from reverse-engineering stuff to building crazy things to basically just hacking the shit out of everything he can get his hands on. What impresses me is the way he does it: he'll pick it up, turn it over, and put it...
Read More!


Rediscovering: Magical Hats

by NFG - Jun 29 2012 in Games (General)

Back in the day, c.1989 or so, I was on the cutting edge of video game technology. Around the same time North America was receiving its first real look at the future by way of the release of Sega's Genesis console, I worked my ass off for a few weeks to earn enough to import a Japanese MegaDrive, and was one of the very...
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Rediscovering: Sutte Hakkun

by NFG - Jun 26 2012 in Games (General)

That's right, another SuperNES platform game in the Rediscovering: series (you can see the rest here).
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Recommended Android Games

by NFG - Jun 25 2012 in Android Reviews

Rather than a deep, detailed review, here's a top list of my favourite Android games.
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Dark Nebula

by NFG - Jun 25 2012 in Android Reviews

Finally, the first iOS game I reviewed is available for Android.
Read More!


Rediscovering: Plok!

by NFG - Jun 18 2012 in Games (General)

I remember Plok. When it came out, no one cared anymore. It checked every box on the 'zzz what' list: platform game, SNES, cute mascot of some sort (WTF is that anyway?) from a no-name developer in Europe, long a source of craptastic software despite what Amiga fans would have you believe.
Read More!


Rediscovering: Hagane

by NFG - Jun 13 2012 in Games (General)

Hagane is a weird game. When it was new, I had a copy and I thought it was staggeringly cool. It couldn't be more Japanese if it crammed wasabi down your throat, and it was so fucking difficult that's more or less what it felt like to play it.
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Rediscovering: Demon's Crest

by NFG - Jun 10 2012 in Games (General)

When the SNES was still king there were popular games and there were good games, and they weren't always the same. Sometimes a game would slip through the cracks, and those in the know would talk about how awesome it was while the majority of players didn't know it existed.
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Rediscovering: Super Ghouls n Ghosts

by NFG - Jun 09 2012 in Games (General)

I have a love/hate relationship with the GnG franchise. I've always considered it a series of unfinished games, each one - including the arcade versions - seems to have set pieces that just don't quite look right, along with one-off events and cheap traps you have to experience and memorize to avoid. It always felt mean...
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Rediscovering: MegaMan X

by NFG - Jun 06 2012 in Games (General)

I've always loved SNES MegaMan, but I could never really play it back in the day 'cause I didn't really have the patience, even then, to play through each level and see if any of the weapons I'd unlocked so far were effective vs that level's boss.
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Rediscovering: Whirlo

by NFG - Jun 06 2012 in Games (General)

I don't know where I got the impression that this game was a good one. Perhaps I thought, you know, Namco. And the main character was charming, who doesn't want to play a cute green blob-like thing on an exciting adventure?
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It's time to advance the video games.

by NFG - Jun 01 2012 in Games (General)

You know, I never really counted myself as a member of the 'video games are juvenile' contingent. It has never bothered me that some games portrayed women in what some consider a less than ideal light. It's never really upset me that some games are violent and occasionally someone gets his spine ripped out. I'm nonplussed...
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Defending rape games. Again.

by NFG - May 18 2012 in Games (General)

Official NFG stance on rape: it's all good!
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