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I made this.


Another laptop falls!
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My doorbell broke.
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V-601SH speaker killswitch
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Vodafone useless, pulls out of Japan
On DRM and other madness
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On Microsoft and DRM.
Sony's PSP: A review
ATMs + Headphones
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New 256k app from Taito
I made a QRCode Generator.
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3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)
Two rare things for your enjoy.
Today's tech fun!
X68000 Gallery, Technical + more
Floppy Disk Art Gallery
Sharp X68000 Bonanza
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The NFGgames Manifesto

by NFG - May 09 2012 in Games (General)

I have long maintained that today's casual game is the twitch, hardcore arcade game of the past. Simple, pick-up-and-play games you can run through in a few minutes, then start again.
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Hori's new Fighting Edge Blade Joystick

by NFG - Apr 30 2012 in Controller News

Hori has announced a new stick called the Fighting Edge 刃 (Blade), which pulls out all the stops in an attempt to create the ultimate joystick.
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Trials Evolution (Xbox 360)

by NFG - Apr 18 2012 in Game Reviews

So Trials HD. My favourite game on the Xbox for a looong time. Years. Whenever I wasn't playing Hydro Thunder, it was Trials.
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Guess that Game!

by NFG - Apr 09 2012 in Games (General)

Over on that social networking site I've been changing my cover image regularly, and inviting people to guess what game it is. Because the screenshots themselves are fun, here they are for your visual pleasure.
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by NFG - Dec 13 2011 in Android Reviews

When I had an iPhone, I had Orbital. It was one of my go-to games, I'd pull it out and play it all the time. It never really got old, and when I got my Galaxy S 2, the first game I went looking for was Orbital. It wasn't available.
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Independent Game Stores

by Kendrick - Sep 24 2011 in Games (General)

Before I start, I have to admit something. Lawrence, I didn't know that you were the Lawrence mentioned at the Acts of Gord website. I finally put two and two together just over a month ago, when it dawned on me that it was the same Gamer's Edge store.
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Road Rash on Sega

by LAune - Sep 19 2011 in Games (General)

This was given to me and my sister as a kid, second hand from our cousins who had the newest nintendo and didn't even look at the old sega anymore (because blowing on things sucks).
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Get rid of your sticks!

by NFG - Sep 12 2011 in Controller News

These guys replaced the stick with 4 buttons, and claim it's now more accurate.
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XBox 360 Special Edition Pad Review

by NFG - Sep 08 2011 in Reviews

Microsoft make some great hardware. At least, in theory. Their mice and trackballs are solid, offering the only consistent competition to Logitech, but their forays into gaming have seen mixed results.
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On Evidence, and the existence of SuperGrafx Strider

by NFG - Aug 23 2011 in Games (General)

A long, long time ago I wrote an article called 101 Secrets of the PC Engine, and it contained a lot less than 101 things about the PC Engine that most people didn't know. It's not exactly a serious article, as you might expect from something called 101 secrets with only...
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The NFG Book

by NFG - Jun 30 2011 in Games (General)

It's funny how things work out. A couple of years ago I was doing some freelance writing for the Official Nintendo Magazine (UK), and I'd done a review of Mario vs Donkey Kong. As part of this review, I had put together a quick look at Mario:
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Android: Babo Crash Deluxe

by NFG - Jun 23 2011 in Android Reviews

Babo Crash was one of the first games I picked up for my Galaxy S II Android phone, and it was the first Android app I paid for. I figured it would be a good investment when I considered how much time I spent on it on the iPhone.
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RealCRT: Ultimate CRT Emulation

by NFG - May 31 2011 in Games (General)

Lately there's been a lot of talk about MAMEdev (and MESSdev) adding crazy new code to emulate the old CRT monitors from the arcades of my youth. We've covered the idea of CRT emulation before, and quite thoroughly I thought, but it's nice to see other people...
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Fantastic Game Character Remakes

by NFG - May 10 2011 in Games (General)

Found via GameSetWatch a thread on the forums that has a lot of artists posting their 3D re-imaginings of some pretty awesome video game characters.
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GameStation X: Found in Calgary

by NFG - Apr 15 2011 in Games (General)

Back when I ran my game store we had little round stickers which we'd use to indicate that we'd tested and approved 'em. Today someone I know in Calgary (some eight hours away from my store) bought a SNES cartridge with the sticker attached!
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Nintendo's 3DS - first impressions

by NFG - Apr 03 2011 in Games (General)

I had a chance to play with a 3DS today, and it's a very attractive piece of hardware. It's incredibly well built, as you'd expect from a modern Nintendo product, and the 3D works amazingly well. I can imagine that most of the sales are based solely on the incredible effectiveness of the 3D.
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Separated at Birth: Raiden & Bakuretsu Breaker

by NFG - Mar 29 2011 in Games (General)

While trawling through some ROMs I found a Kaneko game called Bakuretsu Breaker, and was quite surprised to find most of the ship sprites were very similar to a game near to my heart: Seibu Kaihatsu's Raiden.
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Current Pricings: Rare Games in Japan

by NFG - Mar 06 2011 in Games (General)

I like to keep tabs on interesting things, especially now that I've lost so much of my shit in the flood. Here's some interesting stuff I've noticed in the last month or so:
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PS2 Game Hacking, and Modern Sprites

by NFG - Mar 02 2011 in Games (General)

A guy I know likes to crack open PS2 games and peer into their guts. He tears into custom 3D datafiles and extracts their gooey bits, works out how they function, and reassembles them in other programs. Watching him re-create levels and ships from R-Type Final was fascinating.
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Testing for non-normal play

by Kendrick - Feb 27 2011 in Games (General)

I've been repairing a PS3, and I'll post about that later over on GamesX (after I succeed, or after I give up.) But as one of the test cases I've been popping a random Playstation game into the system to see if I can make the unit crash after a particular repair attempt, and the one that's been on hand the most is Colony...
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