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3x Galaga Comparison (plus!)
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Today's tech fun!
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Sharp X68000 Bonanza

XBox 360 Special Edition Pad Review

by NFG - Sep 08 2011 in Reviews

Microsoft make some great hardware. At least, in theory. Their mice and trackballs are solid, offering the only consistent competition to Logitech, but their forays into gaming have seen mixed results.
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Sega Saturn Controller Review

by NFG - Jan 05 2011 in Reviews

If you ask any serious gamer which video game console controller is their all-time favourite, odds are they'll tell you it's Sega's Saturn pad. Not the awful, what-were-they-thinking pad that launched with the Saturn in North America, but the one Japanese players always had
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Sega MegaDrive Controller Review

by NFG - Dec 30 2010 in Reviews

In 1988 Sega was an also-ran console maker, constantly chasing Nintendo but never really achieving significance. They were becoming a dominating force in the arcades, but they just couldn't parlay that success into the home. And they tried very hard indeed:
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Hori Pad EX Turbo (Xbox 360)

by NFG - Sep 17 2010 in Reviews

This is a really gorgeous little pad, and solves the massive problem with the Microsoft official pad: the d-pad. As is normal for Hori's pads, this d-pad is the patented Nintendo cross-shaped...
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Hori PS3 Fighting Commander

by NFG - Sep 09 2010 in Reviews

Hori's got a long history of making 6-button pads for fighting games. Their fighting commander series stretches back more than fifteen years. The PC Engine, SNES and Megadrive all had identical pads with colour schemes that matched their respective consoles. They were the serious player's weapon of choice. Enter the...
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ASCII Playstation 2 Optical Joysticks

by NFG - Feb 22 2009 in Reviews

Some games just cry out for a good joystick. Personally I can't really enjoy a fighter or a shooter to the maximum unless I'm playing with a good, solid joystick. Sometimes though I think they're a pain in the ass, especially if you're playing with headphones to preserve the nerves of your loved ones, only to face betrayal...
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SNK's NeoGeo Joystick

by NFG - Nov 24 2008 in Reviews

Back when the TurboGrafx 16, Genesis and Super Nintendo were trying to convince players that arcade perfect had arrived in the living room, one company stepped up to the plate and, against all odds, actually delivered the real arcade experience. SNK, a small Japanese developer with a string of b-list hits but no...
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PC Engine / TurboGrafx 16 Pad

by NFG - Nov 03 2008 in Reviews

When the PC Engine controller was first released, its sole contribution to the evolution of game controllers was changing the name of the START button to RUN, and rounding the sides, making it more comfortable than the Famicom controller it very obviously copied. It's a testament to the design of this controller that even...
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Sony Playstation Pad

by NFG - Oct 30 2008 in Reviews

Back when Nintendo was still enjoying the view from the top, they were working with Sony on a CD attachment for the SuperNES called Playstation. At a show in 1991 Nintendo publically announces their new SNES CD system, in partnership with Philips. Sony, quite surprised, throws the covers back over their Playstation...
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Nintendo's N64 Controller

by NFG - Oct 13 2008 in Reviews

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Capcom's Fighting Pad Soldier

by NFG - Sep 14 2008 in Reviews

Back in the 16-bit days the single most important game, for a very long time, was Street Fighter 2. It was the king of the arcades, and every console maker was desperate to get it on their system. Doing Street Fighter right was a matter of pride for all the major players: Nintendo, Sega, NEC and 3DO all released versions...
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ALPS Interactive Gamepad

by NFG - Sep 06 2008 in Reviews

When the Playstation ruled the roost, Sony made use of two companies to make their pads. Mitsumi, the same company who manufactured Nintendo's SNES pads, made them, and so did ALPS. You may have never heard of ALPS, but they're a fairly large company. They make Alpine audio gear, keyboards...
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Namco JogCon

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Reviews

The Namco JogCon is unique among console controllers. It's the first force-feedback controller for any home game system, and it's still the only hand-held one. While several controllers offered 'force feedback' in the form of simple vibration, the JogCon was the first to offer real counter-active force to the player,...
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Nintendo Gamecube

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Reviews

Nintendo innovate.
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Atari 7800 Proline Stick

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Reviews

The Atari 7800 had, when designed, an unusually powerful graphics chip. Or something, it doesn't matter anymore. Atari, in a state of ownership flux as Warner sought to dump it and the ex-Commodore Tramiels tried to wring every penny from it, sat on the 7800 console for years before finally releasing it, outdated and...
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XBOX 360 Pad

by NFG - Aug 27 2008 in Reviews

The Xbox 360 pad is beautiful, with smooth curved lines and a gorgeous texture. It feels awesome, it is instantly comfortable and does not promote any long term suffering: you're as happy four hours later as you were the instant you picked it up. It's the most complicated, feature-packed and expandable controller ever...
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