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The Anti-Information Page

Some of you may have foolishly come to expect pages with actual content from, but we can be useless too. Consider this page, intended to shed light on this rarest of rare portable systems, so rare that an English search turns up only one Spanish page and a Japanese search turns up a mere 5 hits.

This is it.

The Koei PasoGo. A contraction of Pasocon (personal computer) and Go (Go) the PasoGo (See how that works?) is a personal Go thing. It has a 2-colour low-contrast EyeStrain-O-Vision screen. The system was released in 1996, which if you'll recall, is the same year Nintendo was shopping around the Atlantis, released a milleia later as the GameBoy Advance. Seriously, this system was released when the GBA was finished. For shame, Koei. Two buttons, a power switch and a 4-way pad on the front, power + contrast on top, and a cartridge slot as well. Three softs were released. They're shown below, the titles all include the word "Go".

When you turn it on it goes "bing". Then you see the above screen, and after that it's all very confusing with no English to be found. The manuals were just as useless.

The entire library.

Koei, the company normally associated with such worldwide favourites as Romance of the Three Kingdoms 1-49 and Nobunaga's Always Misspelled Adventures Vol. 1-203, manufactured this system for approximately one and a half hours. Maybe. It's manufactured in such a way that I can only surmise an engineer was given carte blanche (It's French, readabook!) to design the system with zero oversight. It's very large. It's almost as big as a PSOne, in fact. There's only one actual chip running the system, along with a few support components and some RAM. There are more chips driving the LCD display than there are running the system.

Almost empty.

It takes six batteries.

Believe in the future!

The cartridge has one single chip inside, but there's room for some more RAM and a battery. Obiously this deranged engineer thought there might be more games made. He was probably fired for Acute Optimism.