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Just a quick note about this server, if anyone cares. Slashdot linked me this afternoon and after a few comments about the server buckling I tweaked it and thought I'd talk about what it's running on for a moment. Might be interesting, might not, but here it is:

P2 450 w/ 256MB, running through a coyote linux firewall.

Running Aprelium software's Abyss webserver.

100mbit FTTH courtesy of NTT. Japan + Korea rule the world for home broadband. Sure, no one NEEDS 100mbit fiber in their living room, but it's damned hard to imagine going back. Lobby your local monopoly today! I pay < $50 / month for this, and it's $1788 + bandwidth in Canada for the same thing. Currently using less than 15% of my rated 100mbit for the slashdotting, with instant server response locally.

The max simultaneous connection limit was set to 80 and the server buckled immediately, responding fine but to few people. I bumped it to 200, and then to 500, and it seems to be coping happily now. If you're having any trouble, please let me know!

About the Slasdot comments:
Yeah, I know this stuff isn't NEW, I'm not doing cutting edge research here, I'm redigesting it and making primers, you know, like introductions to a subject, with links to further reading for people who want to learn more. (insert voice from Starship Troopers: Would you like to learn more?)