Barbie: Secret Agent (GBA)
A lot of people in the games industry want to make games that girls would want to play. The reasoning goes something like this: Since most game players are male, there's a vast untapped quantity of girl gamers out there.

This game is ostensibly a girl game. It's largely pink, it's entirely non-violent, and it's totally boring. Run, jump, wear the invisi-ring, roll under objects. Climb ladders, stun guards with smoke bombs (purple, of course) and, in a remarkably innovative vein, complete disgustingly easy minigames to open locked doors. The game is surprisingly well made, it controls well and might be fun if it wasn't so devastatingly boring.

There are guards who won't stop you unless they see you and are (!) alerted for some ten full seconds. You can stand still beside them for nine seconds, drop a smoke bomb and they immediately forget you exist.

This is not how the game industry should be attracting the mythical girl gamer. Girls already play games, or so I'm told, because they're fun. They don't play games because they're pink or because they feature women protagonists.

Publisher: Vivendi Uniersal
Release: Out now
Price: 20 quid
Players: 1
Save: Password
Rating: 55%
Comment: "Where's Ken?"