Asterix + Obelix XXL (GBA)
Whoever designed this game wanted it all. An authentic Gaulish village, characters from the comic, cinematic cut scenes and lots of action. And he got it - the team managed to squeeze all this and more into a tiny GameBoy Advance cart. And boy, does it suck.

Right from the very beginning you know you're not going to have fun. The best thing about the introduction is the Atari splashscreen; the pre-rendered Asterix + Obelix feature none of the style and charm they exhibit in the comics, now they're blotchy and ugly. It gets worse, far worse. The introduction consists of a half dozen ugly static images, and the music - which isn't very good - resets every time a new picture is shown.

The game itself might have been a great 16-bit platform game, but as a 3D adventure it's awful. The polygons bend and warp so fiercely when you get close to them your eyes will be begging to be gouged out long before you finish the first stage. This game is full of invisible walls, identical enemies, cut and paste backgrounds and dodgy control. A real shame.

Publisher: Atari
Release: Out now
Price: 20 quid
Players: 1
Save: Cart
Rating: 35%
Comment: "Boaring"