I did this page a couple of years ago and it's sat unused and unloved since then on AtariLabs. Here it is, a screenshot comparison of Ghouls n Ghosts. Enjoy. Feedback over here if you have any. There's a lot more screenshots over here!



As you can see from the two above shots, both taken with an emulator (MAME + Ex68) are pixel perfect duplicates. There are some coloration differences, noticable on the browns, but I don't know if this is because of an actual difference in colour or emulator rendering innacuracies.

What follows are some other shots: first a Genesis screenshot, then one from the PCEngine SuperGrafx. The first scene heavily favours the Genesis, but you'll see later the SuperGrafx kicks the Genny's ass. Both used, IIRC, an 8Mb cart too.