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The hardware is very, very compact. The box it arrived in was so small I thought the seller had screwed me and shipped only the cartridge. The PGM cartridge is slightly smaller than a Neo Geo cart, put packed with a lot more than just mask-ROMs. The molded cover is a nice touch, and makes it look a lot friendlier than your average MVS setup.

With the shell removed the PCB is nearly identical to a later-model Neo Geo MVS. Mainboard with custom ICs on it, and the same two processors - a Motorola 68000 and a Zilog z80. Unlike the MVS however it has onboard switches (to the right of the JAMMA connector). One for TEST, one for Reset. There's a volume adjust on the left edge, and on the right edge are the P3/P4 connector and the DIP switches.

The game cartridge features, like the MVS, two PCBs, but with a separated edge connector (so you don't confuse the two, maybe?) Those two EPROMs are 16mbit and 32mbit chips. The other PCB has a handful of mask ROMs on it.

As far as the output is concerned, I'd say it's very comparable to the MVS, and perhaps it's just this game, but it also seems to have a lot in common with the Capcom CPS-2 system. I have no real evidence of this, except that the overall appearance of the game reminds me a lot of Darkstalkers, with a similar theme and palette. Yeah, it makes no sense, I know. =)