N64 coloured version - S-video?

Started by Jimbo, October 05, 2004, 07:57:46 PM

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Hi there.

I have an original black N64 which outputs Svideo and composite, but a newer one (blue clear one) only does composite.

Is it broken or did Nintendo remove this ability in the newer versions?





On the NTSC UK forums, one guy informed me S-Video was removed from the coloured consoles.


I tried the lead with a friend's green N64 and got S-video. Maybe some coloured consoles (mine is the two tone clear blue / clear white) are newer and have it disabled?



Overclock on the N64 complete, offering 65 Mhz (underclock), 97 Mhz (default), 130 Mhz and 197 Mhz!

Needless to say, 197 doesn't work  B)

130 is pretty sweet, especially on Goldeneye!



I tried the same overclock on a black N64 (which has S-video). It doesn't seem to work in the same way as the coloured ones. You can't change the multiplier for some reason, it seems to get stuck overclocked. Weird. The S-video is much nicer though!


Say, I just picked up a Fire Orange n64 here at a pawn shop here in the USA for $15.  I was thinking to just do the over clock on the cheep without the S-video.  I say that because the damn bidding Nazi's on ebay won let any one buy a Lime Green N64 for under $40 with shipping.
     Anyways the one I got is NTSC of course AND it outputed to S-video. Kinda sweet.  Not sure on the other clear color n64's but it looks to be that the Lime Green and Fire Orange ones are ok for doing such.
      I just need a RAM expansion and i'm off to modding it!!!!

Thought I would let you guys in the US know.